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Reviews for A Cold Reception

journeymom 2006.01.29 - 12:35PM 3: A Cold Reception Signed
I like how this Snape remains an S.O.B. to Lily but makes the promise anyway. Probably closer to canon.

journeymom 2006.01.29 - 12:26PM 2: A Cold Reception Signed
"I may not have magic but my powers of observation are keen, and I can cook a mean meatloaf. " Good woman!

132possum 2005.08.21 - 04:14AM 5: A Cold Reception Signed
Thanks for this story, I really enjoy stories that present the viewpoints of different characters on the same incident.

Viper 2005.07.23 - 01:30PM 5: A Cold Reception Signed
Good. In character. Of course, it's now slightly skewed by events mentioned in HBP, but a lot of still holds true- and hopeful. Kudos.

shiloh823 2005.07.19 - 10:53AM 5: A Cold Reception Signed
This is excellent, truly a fine story. I liked your take on Lily's pov; it rang true and certainly helps to explain some of Snape's behaviour towards Harry. I'd like to see you continue this story with pov's five, ten, fifteen years later...see how things change as the years pass and members die and new ones are added. Keep up the very fine work.

greenwood 2005.07.06 - 03:31PM 5: A Cold Reception Anonymous
Very interesting and well done. I thought the different perspectives were well keeping with the character (of course the Longbottoms we don't know much about but this seemed well withing the keeping of what we do know about the other members). I thought that your view from Severus was done well also. The "drinking sand" was a great analogy.

Author's Response: Thank you greenwood. Glad you enjoyed it!

phoenix 2005.07.05 - 12:30AM 1: A Cold Reception Signed
This has the makings of a really good story. I like the premise, where each chapter is a new POV. I like reading Alice's POV, since so little is known about her and Frank. You've really brought her to life and shown her motivation for doing things. I like how she's not entirely trustful of Severus, even after he gave her that warning.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. Glad you enjoyed it!

Stella Stargazer 2005.07.04 - 01:15PM 5: A Cold Reception Signed
Excellent to get the input from all the other Order members on Severus. This viewpoint gave more insight into the members, as well as Snape's motivations. I especially liked him trying to warn Alice Longbottom (and then looking ahead to the animosity he bears for poor Neville).

Author's Response: Thanks for reading Stella Stargazer!

celisnebula 2005.07.03 - 09:49PM 5: A Cold Reception Signed
Oh wow, I can't believe this didn't place. I do hope you're going to write more for this, it is brilliant.

Author's Response: I may have one more chapter in the future, Albus Dumbledore. Thanks for reading!

June W 2005.07.03 - 05:01AM 5: A Cold Reception Signed
Ack! You mentioned Pettigrew! Ooh, write another chapter from his POV - that would be wicked cold! Thanks for posting this series - lovely writing, as always.

Author's Response: Hmmm thats a possibility. I think this will be one of those pieces I work on when I get stuck on my serial stories. Thanks for reading!

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