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Reviews for American Witch

Trickie Woo 2005.07.07 - 05:34PM 7: Shocking Discoveries Signed
The orgy was a little too graphic for me. I usually always enjoy your sex scenes, but this one was a bit too perverted for me. I did enjoy finding out that Voldemort was a eunuch and had the hots for Snape. I guess you could say that Pettigrew did a Bobbitt on him when restoring him to almost human like form. Note how I qualified his form. I think it was the public forum that made the sex so perverted for me, I prefer it to be in private and no Lucius around to witness or to react. I can't tel yet what I think about Snape and Lisa in the bedroom with the 2 way portrait. I guess I'll figure that out when the time comes.

Author's Response: I got to thinking about when they'd be the most vulnerable to surprise attack (not that this will happen...I haven't decided that yet and don't want to give too much away anyway) and one thought led to another. I always figured that there was nothing those wicked Death Eaters wouldn't do!

Verity Brown 2005.07.07 - 04:08PM 7: Shocking Discoveries Signed
Oh my, this isn't good. Now we have all these hormones thrown into a very tricky situation. This cannot end well.

Author's Response: You can always count on hormones to gum up the works!!

Verity Brown 2005.07.07 - 03:53PM 6: No Turning Back Now Signed
Gosh, a *nice* Voldemort is even scarier than a nasty one. Nyurgh. And Dumbledore is being singularly unhelpful. I'm surprised that Severus didn't mention her Dark Arts interests to him now, even though it is clearly too late for her to back out. On the other hand, Severus can be an arrogant fellow, convinced of his own ability to handle matters. Tsk tsk.

Author's Response: Severus is already in deeper with Lisa than even he realizes. He's being protective of her, not wanting anyone else to know about her interest in the highly taboo Dark Arts, and also confident that he can get her away from it.

Verity Brown 2005.07.07 - 03:41PM 5: The Die is Cast Signed
Such a lot of nice lines: "Yes, Miss Carus, I live for these get-togethers." I can just *hear* that, so wonderfully deadpan, with a hint of sarcasm. "Well, I suppose I could tell you . . . but then . . . I'd have to kill you." An oldie, yes, but still a goodie. "I'm beginning to wonder if the Dark Lord might be the least of your worries." I'm very much wondering that myself. I'm rather astonished, though, that he's getting even this physical with her so quickly. And do I recognize that dress from a certain music video? Or that just a coincidence?

Author's Response: Yes, every now and then, canon Snape comes alive long enough in my mind to remind me of who I'm supposed to be writing about! Snape didn't plan on getting this physical with her, because he doesn't really believe he's good enough for someone to actually want to be with. I think this is canon Snape, as well, although I suppose it's a matter of interpretation. JKR never approaches the subject, of course. The reason it happened so quickly was due to Voldemort's quirks. What was a loyal servant to do? And she just grabbed the opportunity. The dress . . . It never entered my mind about In Demand until you mentioned it. But when I thought, simple, yet proving she would be bra-less under it, that's the first style I thought of that she'd look good in. Sorry for the long ramble, but you raised a lot of interesting questions. Thanks for the response! I really value your opinions, and look forward to seeing how you feel about this stuff!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.06 - 02:12PM 6: No Turning Back Now Signed
My goodness, do you really think Voldemort was coming on to him? And here I thought Voldemort got all his kicks, sexual and otherwise from torturing and killing Muggles, Mudbloods, and Halfbloods. I'm really curious now as to what crime she committed that was so horrible she has to atoe for it in this way.

Author's Response: Yes, I've always believed that Voldemort was still just a warped man, not larger than life. But since he kept trying for immortality, I assume there must have been side effects that bring him back down to earth.

Trickie Woo 2005.07.05 - 04:49PM 5: The Die is Cast Signed
She can be a real idiot, can't she. I'd feel better about her if Lucius had already had the Bobbitt done on him. She doesn't seem to care about danger at all and that makes it much, much more dangerous for Snape.

Author's Response: Yes, I felt I had to add a few flaws to her personality to avoid the "Mary Sue" type. And, IMO, the best of Snape comes out when he's in danger, anyway.

Verity Brown 2005.07.04 - 07:43PM 4: So, That's the Famous Malfoy, Eh? Signed
Why didn't Dumbledore put a stop to this when Snape told him about her interest in the Dark Arts? Her depressive fatalism hit me in the gut almost as bad as it hit Snape. Why does she feel this way? Only time will tell.

Author's Response: Snape has not told Dumbledore about her Dark interests. He'd considered it, only because he was reluctant to take the responsibility of this knowledge on his own shoulders, and also, he thought that if she didn't back down from her intention to join Voldemort for the Order, Snape could use this information to persuade Albus to prevent Lisa from joining the ranks of the Death Eaters.

Verity Brown 2005.07.04 - 07:34PM 3: Dabbling Or Just Interested? Signed
This chick is bad news! But then, I said that about Dariah, too, didn't I? Hmmmm.

Author's Response: It's just another example of how I so firmly believe that everyone and everything is shown in shades of grey. I love characters that aren't obvious right off the bat.

Trickie Woo 2005.07.04 - 03:08PM 4: So, That's the Famous Malfoy, Eh? Signed
What is her background? Why does she want to do this? I hope you will answer those questions soon.

Author's Response: You'll get the background the same way Snape gets it . . . a piece at a time. *sinister laugh*

Kurisutaru Yun 2005.07.02 - 11:34PM 3: Dabbling Or Just Interested? Signed
I like it so far. Please continue soon ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, I will definitely continue this story. Once the idea gets into my mind, it plagues me until I write it all down. Completing the story is like exorcising a demon!

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