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Reviews for American Witch

Trickie Woo 2005.07.18 - 08:42PM 14: Dark Mark, White Soul Signed
I'm very glad you are keeping with your story. I plan to keep reading AU and Snape/OFC romances until the 7th book comes out and he is vindicated and fully redeemed. If she doesn't do it that way i will wash my hands of Rowling and her canon Potter world. Your version of Snape in this story and particularly in this chapter is the way I always see him in my mind.

Author's Response: Oh, there are so many theories already circulating the net about what will happen in #7. I just hope that by the time it's published, it won't be anti-climactic! In the meantime, I love fanfic, so part of me doesn't really mind what she does with the HP series.

Mary Ella 2005.07.18 - 08:29PM 14: Dark Mark, White Soul Signed
That is an interesting view into the dream, even if it was almost borrowed. You did a wonderful job describing it in your own words, so nicely done there. Your OC is a very secretive woman, I don't wether to enjoy it immensley or allow myself to slowly go insane with all of the guessing. She is a nice match for the ever dark Severus Snape.

Author's Response: She's based on the concept that everyone carries baggage with them. And she would have to have secrets in order to gain Snape's attention! Thanks for the response!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.17 - 12:29AM 1: Snape's New Assignment Signed
But you don't make millions and millions of dollars for writing Harry Potter like she does. Cut yourself some slack and imagine what herhandwritten drafts must look like.

Author's Response: I've heard from lots who have already finished reading the book; there seem to be a lot of spelling errors. You suppose the publisher was running behind schedule?

Trickie Woo 2005.07.16 - 11:38PM 1: Snape's New Assignment Signed
Did you see the spelling error in the first chapter? I don't know if they caught it before all copies were printed, but site was use when it should have been sight, page 10, first paragraph, about 2/3 down. I marked it so I wouldn't lose it.

Author's Response: I read that, and glossed right over it, assuming I had misread it. But it's there! How'd that get past both JKR and her publisher?? I should talk; the editors here find at least one error with every chapter I submit!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.16 - 09:54PM 13: Why Can't She Just Stay Put? Signed
I don't think your story telling talents are limited, but after reading Book 6 I'm beginning to think Rowlings are. Keep your story going, I want to know the whys and wherefores that she went to see Malfoy that night and under what circumstances she got the Dark Mark.

Author's Response: I've only gotten through the first quarter of book 6 so far, but I did peek ahead here and there. Not enough to know what's going on, but enough to see what happened!

Mary Ella 2005.07.16 - 05:56PM 13: Why Can't She Just Stay Put? Signed
What an interesting develoement! I hope that her action behind taking the mark without Snape there will later be explained. I thought they were begining to get along nicely, well more than nicely, but you catch my drift.

Author's Response: Yes, this will be explained, although how well will depend upon my limited story-telling talents. I'll do my best!

Verity Brown 2005.07.15 - 12:02PM 12: Downward Spiral Signed
Won't his refusal of the summons make things worse, in every respect? Can he afford to reveal his true loyalties, all for the sake of protecting Lisa?

Author's Response: Simply refusing to answer the summons is enough for Crucio, but it won't necessarily reveal his true loyalties. After all, Voldemort will expect someone as wise as Dumbledore to test Snape's loyalties from time to time.

Trickie Woo 2005.07.14 - 09:56PM 12: Downward Spiral Signed
Now I'm really confused, but at least you resolved the cliffhanger from the last chapter. I will be waiting for your next update after Book 6 comes out Saturday.

Author's Response: Yes, while everyone is busy reading HBP, I should use that time to get ahead of the game!

SeverusSnapesGirl 2005.07.14 - 12:06PM 11: Still the Need for Atonement Signed
I really like this story a lot. Did you have to leave us with a cliffhanger?? Arg!! Update soon so my little Snape loving mind can be happy again.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm updating as quickly as Occlumency's editors can validate!

Verity Brown 2005.07.14 - 12:17AM 11: Still the Need for Atonement Signed
AAaaargh! Cruel, cruel cliffies! And what will the effect on Snape be?

Author's Response: Next chapter is waiting for validation . . .

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