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Reviews for American Witch

Trickie Woo 2005.08.03 - 04:59PM 21: The Ministry and the Monkey-Wrench Signed
Lisa still has me puzzled, but I'm sure that was your intention. The Wizarding Justice System in this story is much more fair and competent than the way I ususally see them potrayed. Usually they are shown to be as Rumpole sees the British Justice system, totally biased and incompetent. But. then again you had Albus as your Rumpole, and he is just as devious and competent as the real Rumpole, so maybe the Wizengamot really is as bad as the system Rumpole dealt with. I've always wondered if JKR got the pseudenym 'He Who Must Not Be Named" from Rumpole's name for his wife, Hilda, 'She Who Must Be Obeyed'. Also, Voldemort admitting that he failed and that he was wrong not to make sure that Lisa wasn't summoned while she was in St. Mungo's, that's a big change for someone whose doctrine is that he is perfect.

Author's Response: Yes, Voldemort is softening, but only in Snape's presence!

Verity Brown 2005.08.01 - 10:39PM 20: The Unusually Verbose Lucius Signed
Well, well, so this whole thing really does revolve around Nott. What a fascinating notion.

Author's Response: When I was writing the last couple of chapters, these characters were plaguing me, reading over my shoulder. Nott was there, and he kept poking me with his wand, so this is the result...

Mary Ella 2005.08.01 - 09:52PM 20: The Unusually Verbose Lucius Signed
Very explanatory chapter. You revealed enough of the mystery to answer the pertanet questions while keeping enough secret to keep the character interesting. I really enjoy how you have all the characters interact. Not to mention your more human portrayal of Lucious. There may be something in the future that changes this current image, but for right now it remains a fresh look at a somewhat loved character.

Author's Response: I do have kind of a soft spot for Lucius. All that charm . . . Thanks!

Trickie Woo 2005.08.01 - 05:28PM 20: The Unusually Verbose Lucius Signed
Narcissa seems to finally be under control, I do pity her because she is so often just a tool to be used for whatever ends are wanted or needed at the time. You have softened Malfoy quite a bit in this story, but I still don't think I trust him. He knows too much about Knott and his involvement with Lisa's family.

Author's Response: As in r/l, I think no one is exactly as they appear, and it seems to show up in my stories, which is probably not too bad a thing, since one can only suspend disbelief so far before losing it completely. Lucius has been softened because he'd really fallen for Lisa. And you're right; poor Narcissa, she only comes into play as a tool!

Verity Brown 2005.07.31 - 03:52PM 19: Hell Hath No Fury . . . Signed
I'm a little puzzled at how Severus can get away with bringing Albus with him to meet Lucius. I'm also intrigued to know what this curse is all about, and what's going to happen to Narcissa.

Author's Response: Albus has constant dealings with the Ministry, as does Lucius. Lucius is a governor of the school. They meet quite frequently; it doesn't have anything to do with the Dark Arts. Ultio Ultionis means avenging, punishment, revenge. It's a very grey area, as far as curses go, because the results depend on the motivation and anger of the hexer, as well as the powers of the hexee.

Trickie Woo 2005.07.31 - 12:38PM 19: Hell Hath No Fury . . . Signed
Goodness, everybody seems to care about Lisa except for Narcissa. Malfoy becomes softer and softer each chapter and Dumbledore treats Malfoy as if he trusts him. Now I want to find out if Narcissa has a change in character and will come to St Mungo's to help cure Lisa.

Author's Response: I think that might be pushing soppiness a bit too far...

Verity Brown 2005.07.30 - 11:36PM 18: A Conversation With Lord Voldemort Signed
Well, gee--Severus goes through all this to find out things that Lisa already knew but didn't bother to tell him. I can certainly sympathize with Snape's irritation with her.

Author's Response: Yes, I think he could go well beyond irritation, all things considered. But the road to love cannot be easy for Severus; he wouldn't know how to take that!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.30 - 11:34PM 18: A Conversation With Lord Voldemort Signed
Now, I guess we know almost all. Just when I think he loves her and trusts her, Snape starts blowing hot & cold on Lisa. Malfoy doesn't seem anywhere near as evil as he did in 'The Wizard and the Muggle', just how evil is he here? Voldecrap seemed awfully reasonable and sane when he told Snape the story, not like an evil megalomaniac. The story is to the point where I have no idea of what's coming next, update soon.

Author's Response: Yes, I've blown away all the usual characteristics of JKR's people. Malfoy has been twitterpated (see Bambi for definition), and Voldie has a sweet spot for Snape. Such a thing is enough to keep anyone on their toes!

Verity Brown 2005.07.28 - 10:49PM 17: To Sleep; Perchance To Dream Signed
"He felt like screaming. He felt like crying. He felt like wrapping his hands around her neck and squeezing for making all this necessary." Poor Severus! But now they are all set to try their plan. I only hope it works!

Author's Response: Oh, the possibilities are endless...and would mean an entirely new fanfic!

Trickie Woo 2005.07.28 - 01:08AM 17: To Sleep; Perchance To Dream Signed
If something that yucky has to be written, that was the best way to write it. It couldn't have been easy to write. At least Snape accomplished what he had to do while enduring what he had to, disassociation really works. I hadn't thought about the terrible after effects of Cruciatus being caused by breaking a magical vow. It makes sense because it gives Voldecrap extended power over the victim's suffering and he probably has the knowledge that it happens that way .

Author's Response: Actually, I don't believe Voldemort would know each time the after-effects happen, or he would have known Severus had betrayed him years ago!

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