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Reviews for American Witch

Verity Brown 2005.08.08 - 08:48PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
There's something bittersweet about this, because I can't think that the girl in the portrait is really Lisa--it's just a shadow of Lisa, however real it may seem. I am sorry that the real Lisa died--that she wasn't able to figure out what she really needed. And that Snape was so harsh with her in the end. I rather like the effect she had on Malfoy, but what a sad story, after all!

Author's Response: Malfoy was really beginning to grow on me in this one! So much so that my Severus muse was getting jealous!

Verity Brown 2005.08.08 - 08:35PM 23: To Sleep No More Signed
Ouch, ouch, ouch. I love Lilo and Stitch, though; that's the first thing I thought of. But did she have to do that?

Author's Response: Yes. She had to.

Verity Brown 2005.08.08 - 08:29PM 22: What Lisa's Father Foretold Signed
Hmmm, I'm not sure what the title of this chapter has to do with the contents. And I'm rather annoyed at Severus for continuing to be a brat about her decision. Things do not look hopeful.

Author's Response: It depends on which chapter you're reviewing; I can't tell from this listing.

Verity Brown 2005.08.08 - 08:17PM 21: The Ministry and the Monkey-Wrench Signed
I was rather surprised that Voldie chose to kill Nott so quickly. And why is Snape so easily convinced that Lisa's unwillingness to leave his service means that she is loyal to him?

Author's Response: Voldemort was tired of worrying about Nott hurting Lisa, who was Severus' "pet", and since he had a soft spot for Severus, he did the world a favor and killed him. Snape always had a few doubts about Lisa, and that, coupled with his natural paranoia, seemed to snap his reasoning.

FeyinBetween 2005.08.07 - 11:02PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
Oh thank you. I was so afraid you'd make this an angsty sad ending. The last chapter really got to me---I haven't been able to stop thinking of it since I read it. The woman in Lisa's picture seems to fit so well with Lisa's character, I kept seeing her in my head too. This isn't the ending exactly that I had been hoping for (if the world had this charm though, wouldn't that make death rather superfluous?), but I guess it's the only ending that could have worked and given Lisa her freedom. Throughout the whole story their relationship had been going up and down, but I'd always thought that they'd have a happy ending, which is why the last chapter depressed me so much. I am infinintely glad that they did have a happy ending.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I had to rescue Severus from such a dismal future. He's had enough angst in his life...

Marianne 2005.08.07 - 11:32AM 23: To Sleep No More Signed
It is very sad that it seems to end like that. How will Severus deal with it?

Author's Response: Epilogue coming up soon!

FeyinBetween 2005.08.06 - 03:54PM 23: To Sleep No More Signed
Oh, if you end it like this, I'm going to be upset as all hell. I don't know if I've reviewed before---I usually can't think of anything original to say and get really self-conscoius about leaving reviews. But I have been reading the whole of the story and really like it. It took me a while to warm up to Lisa, mainly because of an inherent wariness for original characters that have extra powers, but once I did, I really liked her. More particularly, I like her relationship with Severus, how incredibly hot and cold it is. These last two chapters, his incredibly coldness to her and her spiral toward despair, make something in my chest hurt. I love the feeling, that punch that angst throws at you. I'm...I wonder if it counts as sadistic or masochistic that way. I also thought it was interesting that you put Lisa's picture (who is she?) and song directly into the chapter. It made things much more real for me. I'm glad you update rather frequently, as I anxiously await the next chapter.

Author's Response: Not quite the end...there's an epilogue. It was validated so quickly, I got caught off guard! The picture I inserted is an old high school pic from a friend of mine. And never be too timid to leave a review! It's what we live for!! Thanks for the response.

Trickie Woo 2005.08.06 - 12:50PM 23: To Sleep No More Signed
This was both a very moving chapter and a difficult one to read. I hope that, as I feel about HBP, all is not what it seems. It better not be, or your Snape, in this story, will become suicidal himself and do something very dangerous and reckless. The picture was very much like I had imagined Lisa I'm my head. We could not get a car, it is Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, and everybody flew into Cleveland rented all the cars and drove the 60 miles to Canton. We will drive the 400 miles to our destination, leaving in about 2 hrs., and drive back Monday after the funeral. I have an appointment I have to be here for on Tuesday morning, so it will all be very rushed for us. I will miss being able to read all the stories I follow for those few days.

Author's Response: Oh man, the 400 miles sounds rough! I will be submitting an epilogue and an appendix (the appendix is for some of the charms I used here, and probably should have been posted as a prologue, but, oh well...). Thanks for all your reviews! I have always looked forward to your take on these chapters!

Trickie Woo 2005.08.06 - 03:37AM 22: What Lisa's Father Foretold Signed
Now you've got me going. I don't understand the importance of the chapter title, but the chapter is fascinating. Of course it's 3:30 AM and I just had a drink of peach schnapps. My husband's brother died and I spent the afternoon and evening trying to get a rental car in Cleveland after we fly up there tomorrow. Plane tickets were a cinch, but not a car rental.Something big must be going down in Cleveland because there are no rentals to be had within a 100 mile radius. I was told my best bet is a cancellation tomorrow morning. I needed the drink and your new chapter. Now if you can get me a car for tomorrow all my prayers will be answered.

Author's Response: Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law, and I'm always sympathetic to anyone who must go to Cleveland (sorry, Clevelandites!). The chapter title refers to Raymond Carus' belief that Lisa will choose the wrong option because it's the only thing she can do. As for your rental car, don't you just wish you had a magic wand of your own? The world of wizards seems more and more appealing to me all the time!

Mary Ella 2005.08.03 - 06:12PM 21: The Ministry and the Monkey-Wrench Signed
What an interesting turn of events. Though I must say I am not suprised that Lisa didn't leave his ranks. There still feels like there is so much left for her to learn.

Author's Response: It's impossible to have any clear picture of Lisa. She's very confused, and with good reason!

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