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Reviews for American Witch

Mistris mayhem 2012.01.14 - 07:47PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
this was a very interesting story... didnt end as i expected, but i kinda like that. alot of questions left though. hopefully you do write a sequel to this.

Author's Response: Thank you.

smacdonald03 2010.04.14 - 02:53PM 11: Still the Need for Atonement Signed
This story gets more exciting with each chapter!!! You are an amazing storyteller.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Slashereader 2006.10.10 - 08:39PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
Awwwe! I almost cried, beautiful piece :D

Author's Response: Thank you!

firefly124 2006.09.16 - 02:29PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
Very good!

Author's Response: Thank you!

rendezvous_hero 2006.08.15 - 09:07PM 7: Shocking Discoveries Signed
whoaaaaa. now all those feminine gestures and get-up in GoF make perfect sense! haha. i'd have to agree with trickie, that orgy was...wow. go figure what Malfoy did, though. oh, what a git. haha, i love the part at the end. "have i got news for you." i can completely picture him doing that even if it is slightly out of character for him. great job so far though!

Author's Response: Thank you!

LunaSnape 2006.04.21 - 01:11PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
I can't stop crying!! I just read this story all the way through and I didn't want it to end. PLEASE write more. *sobs*

Author's Response: Awwww...thank you! I have no plans at this time to continue this story, but it does my heart good to know it has this much of an impact!

Sir Severus Snape, HBP 2006.03.29 - 08:03PM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Anonymous
Another wonderfully spun tale, my dear. I must say, I appreciate the character you've set me up with. A delectable respite from some of the ruder pairings I've read.

Author's Response: ok, now you're beginning to get scary...

scully_m_ 2006.03.20 - 01:59AM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
I loved it! I was shocked by her death... almost contimplated not finishing it since I started to cry... but you kept the ending happy... even though i would have loved to read your version of the dark lord dieing a horrible death

Author's Response: Thank you! I was trying to keep away from what would be expected, but something in me refuses to allow Snape a story-book happy ending. There must be anguish for me to believe it!

Amortentia 2005.08.11 - 01:04PM 18: A Conversation With Lord Voldemort Signed
Excellent story writing! I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you!!

Trickie Woo 2005.08.09 - 12:04AM 24: Here At Last We Shall Be Free Signed
I though about Chapter 23 and how it ended the whole time we were gone, it haunted me, but it did make 2 very long drives, up there Sat. night and back today, seem not quite so long. It wasn't the ending I had hoped for, but it is a happy ending and I can accept that. She will be with him now for the rest of his life, but I still haven't quite decided whether she planned it to be in that way or not. I'm also curious about Volemort's reaction to her death, will it affect Severus in a negative way, I hope not.

Author's Response: I've been thinking about writing an entirely new story; a sequel to this one because there are so many things that could happen now. It's either that or be completely bored, because my inspirational muses have abandoned me!

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