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Reviews for Unforgivable Lessons

snapette82 2006.02.28 - 09:32AM 3: Final Exam Signed
This was really... well, beautiful seems like the wrong word, but it was. It simply proves that power is an addiction. Thank you for posting this.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, and thank you for reviewing.

Malice 2006.02.19 - 12:33AM 3: Final Exam Signed
Wow! Very nice! Keep up the great work. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm guessing from your nickname that the darker stories appeal to you. Glad to oblige!

marared 2006.01.01 - 07:07PM 3: Final Exam Signed
Interesting take! I'm not so sure Bellatrix would ever deign to have sex with Snape even in the context of control games, but I like the power plays as Snape becomes a challenge. Severus oozed into the shadow of a large hydrangea and eavesdropped shamelessly. - excellent line. :) One little point of contention: "Would you exterminate every last Mudblood from the face of the earth?" Before Severus could answer, another image took Potter's place. A pair of startling green eyes that held kindness. Her, he would spare. He could not agree. Now he was in trouble. Too late to back out; if he lied, would he escape detection? Only one way to find out: "Yes." "Will you serve me faithfully?" Severus heaved a great inward sigh of relief. He had lied, and the Dark Lord had not known it. That was very good to know. 1. If Voldy missed the lie, the relief would certainly catch his attention. Or maybe it did; who knows. We'll find out in #7 just how successful Snape has been in employing Occlumency. 2. The fact that Voldemort would have let Lily live contradicts the whole idea of "will you exterminate all Mudbloods" - particularly if it was done at Snape's behest; Snape can't exactly lie and say "Yeah!" and then later say, "Oh, btw, there's this Mudblood chick I'm crushing on; when you kill her brat, get her pig of a husband too, but could you leave her for me, please?" So, I like the whole ritual scene, but I think what Voldemort is demanding of him needs to be tweaked a little, if that makes sense. But nonetheless, I enjoyed the story!

Author's Response: I see Bellatrix as having a streak of Brunhild complex. She'll only have a man who can prove his worth by besting her. Remember Siegfried cheated - very Slytherin ;^)

This was written pre-HBP, and before Jo explained on Lily's sacrifice, namely that Voldemort would have let her live. Undoubtedly I'd have to do it differently now, but it wasn't a bad guess for what I knew then. Thank you for the thoughtful review - it's so flattering when a reader thinks that much about a story.

MithLuin 2005.11.17 - 10:16PM 1: A Surprise Visitor Signed
I must complement you on this story - what 18 year old man could resist the twin allure of heady power and a beautifully bewitching woman? But I do feel the need to point something out...a minor quibble, really. In the (brief) glimpses Harry has of Snape's younger years, he sees a teenage Snape sitting alone in a bedroom, killing flies. Most likely, Snape is _silently_ Avada Kedavra-ing them even at this tender age. While I won't say it's certain, I think it likely that Snape knew (and practiced) the Unforgivables before becoming involved with the Death Eaters (sans human victims, of course). But that didn't keep me from enjoying the premise of your story!

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment and the thoughtful review. It probably is true that Snape learned AK other than how I portrayed it (but I do so like my version,) but I don't think he's using it on those flies. For one thing, there is no mention of the characteristic green light. Harry's memory of that green flash is vivid, he would have noticed and it would have been mentioned. I suspect there are other, lesser, killing spells normally used for pests and vermin, and Snape was using one of those.

TragicFantasy 2005.11.03 - 01:43PM 3: Final Exam Signed
That was a really good story you wrote. A wonderful interpretation of what could have happened. Good job.

Author's Response: This notion just took hold of me and wouldn't let go. Those are always the best stories. Thank you.

marina 2005.09.17 - 06:18PM 1: A Surprise Visitor Signed
I hope you will write a pre-Voldemort-fall story and definately an HBP one. I'm so interested in your take of things because you have an intresting psychological wiew of Snape in these fics.

Author's Response: Thank you! The plot bunnies are sniffing each other up. I'm working on a maurauder-era story now, but I'm afraid Severus will have a cameo role at best in this one, so look for it on Lumos.

132possum 2005.08.21 - 03:47AM 1: A Surprise Visitor Signed
I'm very impressed with your stories - Snape is very well realised. Please write a post HBP fic for us to read.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm juggling post-HPB plot bunnies, not sure which ones I'm going to feed and keep. I like the younger Snape a lot though, and now we have much more clue about his childhood.

TRE 2005.08.07 - 04:41PM 3: Final Exam Signed
What an excellent little story!

Author's Response: Why, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had way too much fun writing it.

TRE 2005.08.07 - 04:22PM 1: A Surprise Visitor Signed
This is v. nice indeed. I love this line: "Bellatrix was a living, breathing Dark Art," truer words were never spoken!

Author's Response: You say that like it's a bad thing. :*)

Bella_DE666 2005.07.28 - 03:17AM 3: Final Exam Signed
very good. I am new at this. Normally I don't read fanfiction. But felt the need after reading chapter 2 in HBP to see something with Bella and Snape. The way that Snape looked at her in the book made me think that they could have an interesting affair, like 2 snakes. thanks, I enjoyed it. It could even be true.

Author's Response: Yes! Even after HBP this one still stands a chance of fitting in canon. Actually, it's looking even better with Snape likely having had some feeling for Lily

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