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Reviews for To Regain Lost Time

purpleygirl 2007.10.17 - 02:43PM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
A beautiful story. :) I was eager to find out how Remus progressed, but I like that you didn't make it too soppy. I also liked how you brought Harry into it and reconciled him with Snape because of Remus. I thought that was done particularly realistically. And that was a good place to end. (Having said that, I'd still love to read your one-shot sequel if you ever do write it. ;) )

memory 2006.04.24 - 07:27PM 1: Chapter 1 Anonymous
Hi Yulara! I'm going to post this same review for all your three stories in Occlumency, hoping you will read my words. I've been wanting to send my congratulations for many days, as I discovered this site - and then your stories -only few weeks ago. I never did till now because I felt so... let's say "incapable" to use the proper words to express my admiration. You see, I'm Italian and my English isn't very good, meanwhile I know from one of your answer that you are German, but your English is fantastic! I wish I could master the language as well as you do and my review would probably be more exhaustive. Anyway, coming to the stories, I've especially liked "To regain lost time", because both characters can interact more completely. I believe it should be very frustrating being able to communicate only by eyes, even if this give a veru special, moving touch to "A change for the better". I sincerely hope you will write that sequel in the future announced in your replies to readers. I would enjoy very much if Severus could be cured and at least recover his voice. But my favorite story is "My doomed children". It's epic and really gives a totally different perspective to the Slytherins kids. Even if it is "only" Harry Potter, your sensibility is deeply touching. I hope to read more of you in these same tones. Hope also you will read me and, more important, understand me and perhaps reply. But beware, because I'm willing to share more considerations about your excellent work. Ciao from Rome. Mariaemilia

Zorayas 2006.02.04 - 10:36AM 5: Chapter 5 Anonymous
Once more a wonderfull story, looking forward to a sequel, short as it may be.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I'm not sure when the sequel will come - might take quite a while.

Darkwaters 2006.01.02 - 03:53PM 1: Chapter 1 Anonymous
I love the slow, stepping-on-eggshells atmosphere. Please keep it coming!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review :) Chapter 5 is the last chapter, though. The story is complete - I fear it would get tedious if I continued, and it ends on a hopeful note this way. There will, however, be a sequel in form of a one shot, which takes place some years into the future.

sjc_swank 2005.12.27 - 07:12AM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
That was beautiful. Snape's inner voice was almost poetic and follwed so smoothly. I really really liked this, and once I can phrase why better, I'll come back and tell you... Sorry, but I can't think straight right now, I'm too... awed.

Author's Response: Thank you :) I do like slightly incoherent reviews...they show my writing had an effect.

olivialynlee 2005.11.26 - 12:07PM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
I really love this story and was so glad to see that it was updated. It would be so hard to see someone you love go through something like this, and you have captured the emotions of the people involved very well. I am also glad that Harry and Severus have worked through some of their issues and are putting aside their own feelings for Remus. I hope to see another chapter very soon. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind revied; I am gla you liked the story so much. There won't be another chapter, though. The story is complete - I fear it would get tedious if I continued, and it ends on a hopeful note this way. There will, however, be a sequel in form of a one shot, which takes place some years into the future.

phoenix 2005.11.25 - 10:00PM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
Oh, yay! An update. What a wonderful thing to see. I'm so glad to see Remus more lucid. And that was a wonderful explanation of what Remus went through. It's nice to see that he's able to remember the recent past, though I do fear the nightmares in the same way Severus does. I hope that he doesn't regress as his memories keep coming back. I'm hoping the mutual declarations of love will help him heal further.

Author's Response: I'm glad you still like it :) And you're absolutely right to fear for poor Remus *sigh* What will my sadistic mind think up next?

gabrielsangel 2005.11.25 - 05:09AM 5: Chapter 5 Signed
Thank you so much for updating this beautiful story. I checked for the last months and finally this morning there it was. I am looking forward to the chapters still to come.

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and staying with me! I was suffering from terrible writer's block...

Ravenwood 2005.11.25 - 04:08AM 5: Chapter 5 Anonymous
This chapter was a long time coming. i liked your other story where the situation was reversed. With this one there is more of a sentimental sweetness, which though not unwelcome, doesn't seem to fit well with the characters. Either way. good work.

Author's Response: Well, thank you for reding and rviewing :) I think everyone's perception of the characters is different.

ZahariaCelestina 2005.10.05 - 09:32AM 4: Chapter 4 Signed
What a sad story, but what a delicately elaborated plot! The slow, small steps towards recovery... it reminds me, in some way, of the movie "Wit", with Emma Thompson. You got me enrapted and I will definitely come back to check for updates. I particularly like the dosage you put in your style. It is extremely painful and sad, at times, and yet it's never really melodramatic. You're walking on a fine line and you do it very well. Two thumbs up!

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