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Reviews for My Doomed Children

radzi 2011.10.21 - 09:28AM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
I'm very late to this party, but I have to leave a few words anyway. This AU "aftermath" story is still terribly effecting. The grieving thoughts of a bereaved Severus and the reactions of former enemies pack an emotional wallop that gives readers much "food for thought". Thank you.

Bonocusack 2008.08.11 - 12:36PM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
That was absolutely wrenching, and very very true. Had he lived, those probably would have been his feelings.

Cuthalion 2008.07.19 - 02:07AM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
This story truly blows me away. Of course it's AU (though I wish the list of the fallen wouldn't match the truth so very well....*sighs*), but the way you show the feelings of this man, his bitter grief for the children he should have led into another direction (and simply never had the chance to dare) is heartbreaking. Stories that are truly able to make me cry are most rare... this one did. Incredibly well done - bravo.

testingt 2008.05.14 - 06:31PM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
Very nicely done; I do see Severus as feeling great pain over watching children repeat a choice he's come to see as disastrous. As to how helpless he was to stop them--I think he has reason to have a heavy conscience. I wish canon showed Harry and Ron as compassionate as you do--but then Jo seems to feels that Slytherins really do deserve it.

memory 2006.04.24 - 07:28PM 1: My Doomed Children Anonymous
Hi Yulara! I'm going to post this same review for all your three stories in Occlumency, hoping you will read my words. I've been wanting to send my congratulations for many days, as I discovered this site - and then your stories -only few weeks ago. I never did till now because I felt so... let's say "incapable" to use the proper words to express my admiration. You see, I'm Italian and my English isn't very good, meanwhile I know from one of your answer that you are German, but your English is fantastic! I wish I could master the language as well as you do and my review would probably be more exhaustive. Anyway, coming to the stories, I've especially liked "To regain lost time", because both characters can interact more completely. I believe it should be very frustrating being able to communicate only by eyes, even if this give a veru special, moving touch to "A change for the better". I sincerely hope you will write that sequel in the future announced in your replies to readers. I would enjoy very much if Severus could be cured and at least recover his voice. But my favorite story is "My doomed children". It's epic and really gives a totally different perspective to the Slytherins kids. Even if it is "only" Harry Potter, your sensibility is deeply touching. I hope to read more of you in these same tones. Hope also you will read me and, more important, understand me and perhaps reply. But beware, because I'm willing to share more considerations about your excellent work. Ciao from Rome. Mariaemilia

whitehound 2005.07.30 - 05:49PM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
Very affecting - brought tears to my eyes too and that's very unusual. I thought I'd thought out all the horrible ramifications of Snape's position as a double agent but this is a new, painful and inevitable one - that he has to watch children to whom he is supposed to be in loco parentis making the same deadly mistakes he made, and he can't do anything to stop them because it would destroy his cover. Two things I'm not sure about - I can't really see Snape hugging Harry, even under such extreme stress, because the description of Spinner's End makes it clear he comes from the sort of run-down, ex-industrial, working class Northern English town where they think two men getting within 5ft of each other is suspicious; and the way you write it it sounds as if all the Slytherins joined Voldemort, whereas I would expect from the books that it would only be about a quarter or a third of them. But that's still quite enough to be devastating to their house-father - and I'm sure Ron's reaction here is spot in. He's never hated Snape, he's just scared of him, and if he saw Snape being unscary and being wretchedly miserable I'm sure he'd be full of compassion for him.

Author's Response: Thank you. I of course see your points concerning the Slytherins ^^ Since this was written in February 2005, though, i could not know of Spinner's End.

Abraxisdragon 2005.07.03 - 10:23PM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
So sadly true if it comes down to a full-on battle. I'm so glad that you gave Severus companionship with Ron and Harry. Maybe someday he will realize that they had the same chance that he had if they had just had the courage to take it.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The Ron&Harry bit came to me while I was already writig -- I didn't plan for it to happen (especially Ron), but they insisted on being a part of this ;)

Zhaneraal 2005.06.21 - 07:36PM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
How sad. Your imagery is beautiful and compelling, and utterly devestating. Thank you for writing this.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. "Utterly devastating" was what I aimed for -- I'm glad I seem to have reached my goal ;)

Anortai 2005.06.20 - 05:51AM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
Brilliant. Full of the numbness of non-existant emotion. Well written, congrats.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review :) I indeed was not entirely sure if I could show the numbness/viod Snape feels; I was a little un sure if he might not seem to wallow a little too much. But it's good to hear that I succeded in conveying what I wanted to.

greenwood 2005.06.20 - 01:01AM 1: My Doomed Children Signed
Well done! Well done. Something very summing about this scene.

Author's Response: Thank you for taking the time to read and review :) I'm glad you like it.

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