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Reviews for Alone

Lady Whitehart 2005.07.24 - 02:02AM 1: N/A Signed
I love that picture and this fic. Thank you for this. Very tasty!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Thank YOU for reviewing (and I love that pic...)! -Mel

belladonnacordial 2005.07.03 - 06:06AM 1: N/A Signed
This is a lovely piece. I haven't seen the art yet, but will have a look and read this again. Poor Severus! Only he could get so angsty about falling for someone. Love the hints about the identity of his crush. Very nicely done.

Author's Response: Lana is now my idol. I've fallen in love with her art. I'm glad you like it and I appreciate your review! Many thanks! -Mel

wytchkat 2005.06.20 - 09:14PM 1: N/A Signed
nice imagery,dearie-thats only gonna keep me up all night...but you do a graet job!

Author's Response: Which was the intention...I want that to be the last thing you see before you go to sleep...*watches you salivte* *smirks* Thanks! -Mel

Ali1124 2005.06.19 - 12:14AM 1: N/A Signed
PLEASE!! Keep going!

Author's Response: (The sequel is out. "Kiss".) Thanks for loving it and reviewing it. *grin* -Mel

June W 2005.06.18 - 04:58AM 1: N/A Signed
Great job! I think you have him pegged accurately - afraid of rejection, preferring to be alone so he won't be hurt, needing to be in control, etc. Unfortunately, now I want to go beg Lana to do a happier pic so that you can write another chapter where "she" is alone WITH him.... This Severus needs a woman who isn't afraid to take the initiative with him, so that all he has to do is say "yes" to her. No more picture of desolation, of loneliness - another chapter, please!!!!

Author's Response: Ah, control freaks. I hear that's a turn on for some people. *pointed look at boyfriend* I'll look through some of the pics, see what I can do. Promise! Since "To Travel Through Time" is actually finished but the final chapters need revision, I suppose I can indulge you... No more Prozac, eh? -Mel

Black_lust_z 2005.06.18 - 03:04AM 1: N/A Signed
Hay sweetie, I love this (of course I do It has Severus in it). I have only just gotten my internet back, the whole network in my area had been down for some time. *Sighs* I was going through internet withdrawal. I look forward to more of this, so update soon. At then moment I'm trying to read all the ficlets that have been updated between the time I was without the net. *blows kisses*. So Iím sorry Iíve been a bit absent lately, *points finger at internet company* it wasnít my fault. *~Luv Loz, mwa!~*

Author's Response: Hi! More? *thinks* I'll look through the pictures. Hm... he he. Internet withdrawal...not good. That happened to me during finals week. *shudder* Kill internet company...*find her with pitchfork* Did you know that over half my island lost electricity the day before yesterday? Gah! -Mel

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