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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

Cardigrl 2005.06.19 - 11:13AM 8: 47a. Regrets Anonymous
Hi- --Sigh-- Well written as always, but I keep wondering why you think we're supposed to feel sorry for Deveroux, Potter, et al. Too bad they can't be the ones suffering for their actions, instead of Moody and Snape. The most ironic line: ?'This is disturbing, that Aurellia would act against principle,' Dumbledore said with a sigh." As if she had any principles, other than that she should be able to do whatever she wants and is always right, no matter how stupid she is.

Author's Response: Well, maybe it's just me, but frankly, I'd rather be Snape or Moody than the people involved who put Snape and Moody where they are. Guilt can be a horrible punishment. Aurellia will learn some maturity -- the hard way. Heh, there will be some chapters down the line where you (and a lot of others) will want to strangle her.

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