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Reviews for A Change for the Better

morgaine_dulac 2008.04.15 - 02:47PM 1: A Change for the Better Signed
You know, I've never really liked this pairing but I give just about any well-written story a chance and yours was definitely worth the while. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing. /M

Ratwoman 2007.09.10 - 10:07AM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
How come I didn't stumble over your stories earlier? Yu have an incredible talent as a writer and I'm looking forward to read more

princesse sarah (on deviantart) 2007.03.24 - 07:34AM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
i loved your story! it's so tender, so sensitive... like we say in french, félicitations!

Author's Response: Merci beaucoup. Je suis heureuse que tu l'aime. I just hope I didn't completely embarrass myself... ;)

memory 2006.04.24 - 07:29PM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
Hi Yulara! I'm going to post this same review for all your three stories in Occlumency, hoping you will read my words. I've been wanting to send my congratulations for many days, as I discovered this site - and then your stories -only few weeks ago. I never did till now because I felt so... let's say "incapable" to use the proper words to express my admiration. You see, I'm Italian and my English isn't very good, meanwhile I know from one of your answer that you are German, but your English is fantastic! I wish I could master the language as well as you do and my review would probably be more exhaustive. Anyway, coming to the stories, I've especially liked "To regain lost time", because both characters can interact more completely. I believe it should be very frustrating being able to communicate only by eyes, even if this give a veru special, moving touch to "A change for the better". I sincerely hope you will write that sequel in the future announced in your replies to readers. I would enjoy very much if Severus could be cured and at least recover his voice. But my favorite story is "My doomed children". It's epic and really gives a totally different perspective to the Slytherins kids. Even if it is "only" Harry Potter, your sensibility is deeply touching. I hope to read more of you in these same tones. Hope also you will read me and, more important, understand me and perhaps reply. But beware, because I'm willing to share more considerations about your excellent work. Ciao from Rome. Mariaemilia

LESIA 2006.03.24 - 01:07AM 1: A Change for the Better Signed
REMUS LUPIN? THE GIT who watched the Maurauders torture Snape for years? Yeah I'd sure want him.

Author's Response: Pelase tell me: Why do you read a story that explicitly says it's a "Romance" and has only two characters in it, Snape and Lupin, and then complain about the pairing? It makes no sense, honestly.

barbara 2006.02.14 - 10:31AM 1: A Change for the Better Signed
Just discovered this story, it is so sad but also happy. Severus having someone care for him no matter what he looked like or what condition he is in. I was sorry that it was not longer as it was so romantic in a way.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, a nd that you find it romantic. But I didn't know what else to write ;)

Zorayas 2006.02.04 - 08:58AM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
You made me cry. No story ever realy did that. Beautifull story

Author's Response: Thank you :)

Lord Localfreak 2006.01.29 - 11:12AM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
*sniffles* Terribly, terribly moving. Wonderfully written.

Ravenwood 2005.10.21 - 05:51AM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
I read this a while ago, but i always think about coming back to it. It was so beautiful tragic and left me in tears over the horrible state of not being able to communicate. I'd say write more if i thought i could take it.

squeaker19450 2005.07.30 - 08:40PM 1: A Change for the Better Anonymous
a sad ,beautiful story that i will read again. it brought tears. thanks for a job well done.

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