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Reviews for The Phantom Horsewoman

morgaine_dulac 2008.08.10 - 07:00AM 1: The Phantom Horsewoman Signed
I know that I have read this before. Why I did not leave a review, I don't know. I was probably looking for a hanky, as I am now. This piece is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. /M

Aussie Mel 2005.06.27 - 05:14AM 1: The Phantom Horsewoman Signed
Wow, this was beautifully written. I love any stories with Snape as a Dad and I love angsty fics you combined the two wonderfully. You are a talented writter and I hope to see more soon.

greenwood 2005.06.10 - 08:32PM 1: The Phantom Horsewoman Anonymous
You got me tearing up. How sad and so sweet. The poem was beautiful and carried the story so well.

Author's Response: Thanks! This is one of those fics that kind of just wrote itself. I was looking up a poem for my english class and happened upon this one and the plot bunny just hit. I'm glad you liked it and thanks again for the review!

Marisa 2005.06.10 - 12:14AM 1: The Phantom Horsewoman Anonymous
That's so sad, yet wonderfully written. Did you create the poem that went with the piece, or was it just fitting? Great job.

Author's Response: I only wish I had written the poem, it's one of my favorites. Thomas Hardy has the honor of being its composer. Thank you for reviewing and i'm thrilled you liked this piece.

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