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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

amycnorm98 2006.07.05 - 11:03AM 1: Signed
Eerie little snipit: "He sincerely hoped that the Dark Lord would never entrust the boy with anything important...Severus was positive he would be the one who would have to finish it." Beautiful chapter, I loved that Severus doubted his feelings for Callista as "just using her," he just can't accept that he's human from time-to-time and has real feelings.

Author's Response: Yet he is a human being, and one that is so often very confused. Leading a double life can wreak havoc on one's emotions. Keep thinking eerie thoughts.

greenwood 2006.07.05 - 01:15AM 1: Signed
Awsome chapter. Severus really had to fight hard there for a moment to regain his footing in reality! I am glad it worked out for the best for both of them. I have a bad feeling about the potion, however. I have this nasty feeling that Severus may be the "test subject" for the healing potion. It should be very intersting to see how this all pans out.....I really look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Oh good, my big concern was that this chapter would be a bit too much in the realm of psychology. I hope you all still like me after the next couple of chapters. "Dark and difficult times lie ahead... "

LunaSnape 2006.06.16 - 09:44PM 1: Signed
Nice chappy. I can't wait for the wager to be fufiled! Plz hurry with the next chappy! Need (and i mean it) to see want Callista has in store for all our favorite man! *LS*

Author's Response: The next chapter is almost finished. I hope you like it. The next few chapters will be interesting. Thanks so much for reviewing. I was beginning to think people had forgotten about me.

snapehp 2006.06.12 - 02:24AM 1: Signed
It was a pleasant surprise to come home and find my favorite story updated. Severus is a bit obsessed with keeping his relationship with Callista a secret. Then again, I would be too if Voldemort's wrath was hanging over my head. I must give Callista a lot of credit for being able to keep things interesting. She is very creative when it comes to the intimacy in their relationship. Great chapter and I am really looking forward to the next one! ;)

Author's Response: You really can't blame him for his obsessions. The next chapter is almost finished. I hope you like it as well.

Marianne 2006.06.11 - 09:20AM 1: Signed
I wonder whether Minerva McGonagall is right and nobody else is suspicious about a relationship between Callista and Severus. It's a nice touch that she is supportive. Very good chapter; you did a great job with the Quiddich-match. It's so difficult to describe. I am also looking forward to the fulfillment of teh wager.

Author's Response: I have a feeling that McGonagall is so much more compassionate than she lets on. I'm glad you found the Quidditch match entertaining. It took way too long to write and was revised many times. Don't worry he's going to have to pay back that bet very soon. >:)

MelanieHill 2006.06.10 - 10:02PM 1: Signed
Thank you for updating! Your disclamer gets points for rhyming! It is more entertaining then the normal 'not mine, just borrowing' one. This chapter was great! I agree, a sleeping draught would be wonderful in the drinks at the Slytherin table! I look forward to the next chapter and the payment of lost bets....

Author's Response: Thanks for enjoying my disclaimer. They get tedious to write after a while and need to be livened up a bit. In the next chapter bets will be paid. Hopefully it will be up much sooner.

greenwood 2006.06.09 - 06:48PM 1: Signed
It is certainly wonderful to see an update for this splended story! I have surly missed it. Your command of the quidditch match was very well done (JKR could have written it herself!) and the whole inner dialog Severus was having was such fun. I can't wait to read how the wager is carried out and if Severus and Minerva have anything interesting to let us in on at their dinner. Great chapter. I really look forward to the next update.

Author's Response: Wow! I don't know what to say after a wonderful comment like that besides thank you so much. Loyal reviewers, like you, make my day. I'm working on the next chapter right now. School will soon be out for the summer, and I'll have a bit more time to write.

amycnorm98 2006.06.09 - 09:57AM 1: Signed
hmmm, I hope we get to read about the wager's reward soon! I really love this story. McGonagall was great, she seems to actually care about Severus and Callista and what is best for them, not necessarily The Order or what others would think of their relationship.

Author's Response: I'm working on that chapter right now. Underneath it all, McGonagall is a lot more compassionate than she appears. Thank you for the read and review; it made the bunnies very happy.

Trickie Woo 2006.06.09 - 01:12AM 1: Signed
I enjoyed this chapter, it was light hearted and had a lot of humor. It goes along so well with the other story I read tonight 'The Naked Quidditch Match'. I love the line "Now if Malfoy would just get his head out of Potter's ass long enough to find the Snitch, the Quidditch Cup will be Slytherin's again." It so aptly describes both Malfoy's priorities and Snape's priorities. Colin Creevey as the announcer was a good touch too, after all Severus had thought nothing could be worse than Luna Lovegood. His pep talk reminded me a bit of Livia's pep talk to her gladiators before the spectacle began in 'I, Claudius', only Severus didn't tell them he wanted to see real blood, not something fake from a pigs bladder they had hidden in their loin cloth. If I remember correctly, she also said she wanted to see them really fight to the death on the field, not to see anyone mortally injured and carried off. In the sentence about Crabbe and Goyle using him for target practice the 'n' has been left off, it says the but you meant then.

Author's Response: I thought Colin Creevey would be even more annoying for Snape to listen to that Luna Lovegood. Besides, we need more humor in our lives. I'll be sure to check out "The Naked Quidditch Match". Thanks for being a loyal reviewer.

JamesandLily4ever 2006.05.26 - 06:55PM 1: Signed
YAY!! I hope that does come true though... ~J+L4ever P/s: I printed out the last three chapters and I'm going to review them as quickly as possible... in the mean while, you better update, because I am getting close to the last chapter...

Author's Response: That is a such a wonderful compliment that you used up paper for my story :)I have just sent the next chapter to my wonderful beta verity brown. After that, I have several chapters that are nearly completed.

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