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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

grumpirah 2006.07.22 - 08:37AM 1: Signed
oh the drama, how i love it!

grumpirah 2006.07.22 - 08:29AM 1: Signed
oh the drama, how i love it!

Author's Response: Then you will love the next chapter even more.

Ali1124 2006.07.22 - 01:44AM 1: Signed
PLEASE!! I have to know what happens!! REALLY GREAT!!

Author's Response: Are you sure you want to?

snapehp 2006.07.21 - 03:58AM 1: Signed
Oh my, I don't think my tummy can take it! I have a million questions I would love to ask, but I know I will have to wait for the answers! :) I love the bit o' drama between Severus and Callista, being the drama queen that I am :) My main concern is Remus and the upcoming DE meeting. Will everyone make it through this ok? You see, I can't help but asking the questions I know I can't have an answer to, for now, I will just take some "tummy tonic" :) Great chapter!

Author's Response: *Passes tummy tonic* Glad you liked it. I only hope everyone still loves me after the next chapter.

Trickie Woo 2006.07.21 - 12:08AM 1: Signed
What a shame she wasn't pregnant. He would have come around very quickly, underneath the hard shell he's had to build around himself he is a very caring and vulnerable man. How much longer before we are rid of the tiresome 'HWIFMT'? I hear the odds on 'HWIFMT' surviving Book 7 are at least 1,000 to 1 in favor of him dying. Myself, I'd say they are more like a million to one against his survival. I want him dead to great rid of all the excessive angst in Snape romances, I want happy endings. Real life has enough angst for anybody to cope with, I want escape. Maybe I should dig out my P.G. Wodehouse books, Jeeves always took care of any angst that was bothering Bertie Wooster without ever mussing his hair or causing a a piece of lint to fall on his butler's formal uniform, and Bertie always had his happy ending, such as it was. I wish I had a Jeeves, he's even better than a house elf. Of course he was just as manipulative as Dumbledore, but it was so subtle that Bertie never caught on, the twit.

Author's Response: Maybe he would have, but he also has a better grasp on their situation. When will we see the end of Vodie-pest? Hopefully Book 7. If you don't want angst, then skip my next chapter. I promise to write a really fluffy, steamy story for you as soon as this one is finished. I too want a house-elf, but that's only because I hate cleaning.

greenwood 2006.07.20 - 06:57PM 1: Signed
A great cliff hanger ending! Poor Ramus, I don't think I want to know what may have befallen him with the DEs. Severus best not wish for some things too hard...they could come true. I was a bit sad to read that they were not going to have a baby after all but maybe it is for the best. It sure did bring out some of the more hidden feelings (those sort of events sort of do, don't they!) I really look forward to finding out what happens to Severus when me meets up with LV and what may happen to poor Ramus. Keep it coming.

Author's Response: Thanks, and you may want to close your eyes for the next chapter. Who knows maybe the test was wrong. I guess you'll just have to wait and see. TTFN

Trickie Woo 2006.07.08 - 01:38AM 1: Signed
If men are dumber than I give them credit for, their intelligence must rate somewhere below the worm and above the amoeba. I've come across a few who fit into that category. Alright, probably more than a few..

Author's Response: LOL Don't we all!

snapehp 2006.07.06 - 01:20PM 1: Signed
Great chapter! Severus is tempted by alcohol on a few occasions throughout the story, I was wondering if that will become a problem in the future? I think my stomach is going to be in knots everytime I see an update, afraid of what will happen next! Well done :)

Author's Response: *hands snapehp some tummy tonic* There is a lot of foreshadowing in this chapter. Be afraid; be very afraid...

EXECUTR 2006.07.05 - 08:58PM 1: Signed
Good chapter. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks. I will. =^)

Trickie Woo 2006.07.05 - 03:58PM 1: Signed
Are men even dumber than I gave them credit for being? If Severus' memory had just gone back to what were the flashbacks in the early chapters, he'd know that Lily didn't mean a whole hill of beans to him, her impotance to the story is that she provided the womb that Harry Potter sprang from. His heart had been committed to Calista from the day he held her and comforted herwhen Professor Blackburn died, and later agreed to take over her pre-apprenticship. He may not have known it then, but he certainly knew it for sure a short time later. After he learned about he pregnancy and the baby that died and that she had faced all that alone, his commitment grew stronger. And yet he's stupid enough to doubt it? That's nothing more than feeling angst for the sake of angst and self pity. I went back and read some of those early chapters, what I glean is that what feeling he has for for Lily is guilt because he inadvertently started the events that lead to her death when he gave 'HWIFMT' the prophecy. The anger and resentment he feels towards Harry Potter is also part of that guilt. Since Harry is a another version of James it just adds to the anger and resentment he already feels towards Harry. It's always been obvious that his feelings for Callista go much deeper than sexual release and that he never used her for release, even when they were young. For him, the sex has always been the ultimate expression of those feelings to her. He may tell her loves her, but like most men it's difficult for him to express how much he loves her in words; when he makes love to her he can show her how much he loves her in ways that words could never express. Why create problems where there are none? He should have just flooed to her room and climbed in her bed, it's so much better and healthier that taking any amout of Dreamless Sleep Potion even without sex.

Author's Response: In short: yes, men are even dumber than you give them credit for. But don't be too hard on this one, leading a double life is bound to create some doubt. The more important thing is that the doubt can be overcome.

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