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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Trickie Woo 2006.09.26 - 01:26AM 1: Signed
Yeah, you're off the list now. It's my strange sense of humor and dirty mind that thought up the sperm samples, it's a way to get a lemon. A sick way, but still a way. I'll just have to wait until he awakes from his coma (Is it potion induced to help him heal?) to get some kind of a love scene. But as you know I love Lemon Fluff.

Author's Response: I know all about your dirty mind. ;-) Eventually there will be a slightly more romantic turn, but give the poor man a chance to recover. And so you know, he isn't in a coma, just very heavily medicated. A coma would mean he was totally unresponsive, which he isn't. More on that in the next chapter...

Ali1124 2006.09.25 - 11:12PM 1: Signed
Hurry please I love this story! I almost started crying when they tore into severus in front of her!

Author's Response: I know I had a love/hate relationship with that scene. Update is in the works.

pudella 2006.09.25 - 07:14PM 1: Signed
*bawling my eyes out at this line*: "To Severus Snape, may he find the peace in the next life that was denied him in this one." - I agree with Trickie Woo that Severus should be allowed to live at the end of book 7 because his whole life was so unpeaceful and he has more than earned the right to a peaceful life (and one where he is recognized for his work for the Order).

Author's Response: *hands you a tissue* Sadly I have a feeling the only way in canon Snape will ever find peace is in death. Thank you for reading and reviewing. Oh and welcome to SH!

sooj113 2006.09.25 - 11:59AM 1: Signed
You scared the hell out of me with the openning! Great chapter though Please update soon

Author's Response: Sorry for the scare. I promise to update as soon as I can.

Marianne 2006.09.25 - 09:02AM 1: Signed
Dear Cathy, i take back every harsh word I said to you about you killing Snape. That was a brilliant ideayou had us fooled. Us is Draco and your readers.I also like your scene with the members of the Order and their hypocritical behaviour. Great chapter and worth waiting for. *still groveling and asking for forgiveness*

Author's Response: No need to grovel whatsoever. I have very thick skin and can withstand anything but a direct flame. Writing the scene with the Order members was very hard to write. I'm glad this was worth waiting for.

snapehp 2006.09.24 - 09:55PM 1: Signed
He lives! This update really made my day! I really dislike Moody, he is such a jerk. It is good to know that Remus was greateful. I can't wait for updates! Great chapter!

Author's Response: Glad I could make your day. You made mine by reviewing. Go ahead and slap Moody; you'll feel better. Update is in the works.

Trickie Woo 2006.09.24 - 02:53PM 1: Signed
At least you didn't kill him off and there is a possibility of a future for them. It's sort of a modified version of Bobby Ewing returning to Dallas from the dead. Severus didn't spend a year in the shower, but he did come back from the dead.though he's only halfway alive presently If I were her and wanted a child, I'd collect sperm samples now as a contingency against the possibility of Severus not making it or remaining in a coma for years. I see you feel the same way about how he is/was treated by the people in the Order. What will it take before they recognize all the sacrifices he has made for the Order and the British wizarding world and how he alone has been the one to hold 'He Who I Find Most Tiresome" at bay for several years now? He deserves their respect and even their hero worship. I full expect to find that by the end of Book 7 he will be the acknowledged hero of the saga and that he will finally be redeemed and vindicated and will be respected by all. He should be awarded the Order of Merlin 1st class and allowed to live the safe and quiet, uneventful life he's never had before.

Author's Response: I take it I'm off of your **** list then. Sperm samples? Sorry, I'm so not going there. On that note... Well, the Order's reaction to his death is based on the fact that in canon Snape isn't liked or trusted. Even if they did know everything, I doubt it would make that much difference. Will that ever change in canon? Only Jo knows, and I'm too poor to place bets. I'm sure anyone who does survive Book 7 will want a nice, quiet life. Until then, I'll just stick to my happy little AU world where HBP never happened.

LunaSnape 2006.08.27 - 09:26PM 1: Signed
Very nice chappy! I love the title of it, it's very fitting. Know if Sev survives he can finally give in to the love and need of a child! Plz update soon. *LS*

Author's Response: I'm working on that update. Thanks

JamesandLily4ever 2006.08.13 - 08:05PM 1: Signed
What is going on??? Is the tiny hand his dead son? I hope Sev doesn't die... ~J+L4ever

Author's Response: Yes, it was his son.

JamesandLily4ever 2006.08.13 - 07:36PM 1: Signed
Great chapter! I feel very afraid of what might happen to Sev... ~J+L4ever

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