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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Trickie Woo 2008.04.20 - 11:01PM 2: Chapter 1: Interviews Signed
Unlike Rowling, I know you respect him and will show respect for him however you decide to end the story. Please make it a happy ending.

Trickie Woo 2008.04.20 - 02:31AM 2: Chapter 1: Interviews Signed
It looks to me as if you will be changing the story more than you originally told me you would be. Are you going to stick to "canon" for sith year? The quottation marks are meant as sarcasm of course since canon doesn't exist anymore and since Rowling didn't check her facts so that she could stick to her canon it therefore never really existed. Whatever you do, please don't be "canon" compliant for DH and the end of the story. Give him a bezoar, a phial of antivenin and a phial of phoenix tears to carry in his pockets whenever he is around 'HW' and Nagini. I don't care what happens to Rowling and her crocodile tears, but I want Snape alive and well at the end of every fan fic I read.

Author's Response: Something I discovered was a fair number of things needed to be explained in order for them to make more sense than because I wanted it that way. Have no fear, this story won't be DH compliant. I would never have Snape be mauled by a large snake. ;-)

Opal Dragon 2008.04.02 - 07:07PM 1: Prologue Signed
Ooo... I'm liking this very much. Your OCC is just fabulous.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working to keep her that way. ~LW

PirateColey 2007.09.11 - 06:42PM 1: Signed
First off- I don't normally read original character pieces. Secondly, I find 99% of all Snape romances to be utter and total crap. That said, I must point out that in the past two days I have read all 31 chapters of this story. To feed the plot bunnies, your OC has personality, spunk, and weaknesses. She's not over-done, over-powered, or over-important to the existence of the the cannon world. Your Snape is angry, gruff, and bitter. He is also confused, protective and sweet... but all hidden to the rest of the world. I LOVE Snape's inner thoughts about Malfoy- they are right along the same lines I always imagined. The smut has always been tactful- adding to the story and characters... not coming out of left field and reading like a dime-store porn. Honestly, this is one of only two fics I am watching right now. I was genuinely saddened when there was no "next-chapter" option after this installment. I implore you to continue writing- there are certainly those of us out here who would be sorely disappointed if you let those plot bunnies go to waste...

Author's Response: There is no greater compliment you can give a writer than by praising her work, especially when it's not something you would normally read. Thank you for enjoying my Snape and my OFC and their romance. There is more to come I promise. Reader/reviewers like you are why I keep writing. It's a sin and a crime to waste good plot bunnies--not that they would ever let me neglect them for any length of time. Thank you again for your kind words of support. ~ LW

laperchette 2007.09.05 - 06:47PM 1: Signed
I finished your story so far and I admire your writting skills! Callista is lovely one of my favourite OCs. They fit so well together. The most impressed I was with the technic you brought past and present together, normally I don't like flashbacks, sometime I stop reading stories with to many of them, but you did it so ingenously (the theme of the flashback and the main-story were always the same). That it was different. I would love it to read once an update!(so many things you predicted in your story came through in DH! - you should became Divination-mistress ;))

Author's Response: Thank you. I don't like flashbacks either, but I needed a way to bring up past events other than backstory paragraphs of doom. I'm in the process of revising some of the earlier chapters and writing some new ones. so yes there will be some updates. I don't know about the Divination mistress job, but I guess I couldn't be any worse than Trelawney. ;-)

amenaneri 2007.06.25 - 06:56PM 1: Signed
This story is GREAT!! I really like the story line, the characterization is the way I like it, I think Callista is an interesting character, although I would like more of a glimpse into her mind--while it's great how loving and accepting she is, I'm not certain I understand why. Anyway, I'm dying to see what's next. You say you're editing this--does that mean you've got more coming? Poor Severus is contemplating suicide--don't leave us hanging there wondering which poison he will choose! Great writing--keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Thanks for enjoying. Don't worry from here on out the story will be split between the two. I'm editing the earlier chapters because there were things in them that could be so much better, and yes, I'm also writing more chapters.

greenwood 2007.04.28 - 12:03AM 1: Signed
Oh such a fantastic chapter to this wonderful story. I am so glad to see an update. I just love this story. Snape seemed very much in cannon and behaved much as I would expect such a proud snarky man would (I would know...my dad is so like Snape in some of his more nasty moments. He had his leg amputated a few years ago and let me tell you he was not nice to be around!) I think you did a GREAT job with Snape. I look forward to a new chaper

Author's Response: greenwood! I missed you! Great to see I still have a few readers out there. Men just don't cope well with injuries.

LunaSnape 2007.04.01 - 12:31PM 1: Anonymous
03-10-2007 00:46 Rated 10

Yup I still do love it! Hmmmm the request of DD is a little unnerving i mean after all that he was put through! I wonder what happens next ;) *LunaSnape*

aussiemom 2007.04.01 - 12:31PM 1: Anonymous
02-10-2007 02:56 Rated 10

Thanks for the update! Please keep the chapters coming. I think it was a good portrayal of how a man like Snape would handle infirmity and dependency.

Marianne 2007.04.01 - 12:30PM 1: Anonymous
02-07-2007 17:39 Rated 10

We love you and we love the story. Keep up the excellent work. Very sad chapter.

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