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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Verity Brown 2005.06.13 - 02:31PM 1: Signed
I can't believe I missed that AR reference all the times I've read this chapter! *hits self in the head* What a cruel thing for her to do, in front of his students especially! Of course, he *deserved* it, but.... I love his conversation with Draco: "She would most likely hex him into oblivion, once she managed to stop laughing." And, "Some days he really hated his job." :~)

Author's Response: It was subtle. I love Malfoy and writing him can be very amusing. Isn't it amazing what a well placed hex can do?

Trickie Woo 2005.06.12 - 11:20PM 1: Signed
I hope you get caught up with your posting here soon, I have been reading this on FFN, but quite often they don't accept my reviews. I keep getting a this pang cannot be displayed when I try to submit. I'd much rather read stories here where I know my reveiws get through and get psoted. I just check over there and the review I sent last night was not posted. I started reading the other day and got hooked. I find the Callist/Snape pairing very interesting, and now he sees Harry as a rival for her affections. I hope they get together very soon.

Author's Response: Welcome! I'm thankful that people are starting to notice my little fic. I just love those 'up-grades'. It is a lot nicer here. Yes the Callista/Harry angle will be a big deal as the story develops. I'm trying to get everything caught up. I'm just a really slow coder.

Verity Brown 2005.06.12 - 11:05PM 1: Signed
Poor Severus, he's had it rough! This chapter really made me feel for him. It seems as if Callista is the only person who's ever been kind to him in his whole life, and somehow even that got screwed up. Interesting that she's still flirting with him, though. How sad that he can't take it seriously now.

Author's Response: It makes you wonder what he would have been like if he would have had some real friends and Dumbledore would have kept him nose out of the poor man's love life. If Severus decides to allow his life to get better, he and Callista may have a chance. How could anyone resist flirting with him? I know I couldn't!

Owlbait 2005.06.12 - 10:06PM 1: Signed
It's a switch for that 'unconsenting' flag to apply to Severus -- Poor boy. I'll forgive you, It's awful tempting to harass him, isn't it?

Author's Response: After the bit we saw aboutSnape's father in OotP, I wouldn't put anything past that awful man.

Owlbait 2005.06.11 - 09:17AM 1: Signed
Cord blood and placenta, that's quite a gift. And the dam let Callista near enough to help, that's interesting :*)

Author's Response: Welcome aboard, Owlbait! I used a combination of canon info from Lexicon and my own knowledge of horses to come up with the senario. Unicorns are more tolerant of witches than wizards. I'm guessing that the Hogwart's unicorns are not afraid of Hagrid, and would extend that trust to anyone who was with him, much like regular horses.

Owlbait 2005.06.11 - 08:59AM 1: Prologue Signed
What a very nice beginning. If Callista is Albus' neice, is she Aberforth's daughter? I wonder how she feels about goats!

Author's Response: Actually, she is Aberforth's great-granddaughter, calling her his neice simplifies the explaination.

Verity Brown 2005.06.07 - 11:43PM 1: Signed
"Remember that I have killed before, Miss Hawkins, something you know damn well you could never do." Such a chilling line. And Sir Nicholas is so wonderfully infuriating (and informative) with his insinuations. I wonder if unicorn placenta is a thing that ever occurred to Rowling? The placenta is the only organ that can be removed and used without any harm to the donor. Quite clever!

Author's Response: Writing the dialogue between Severus and Sir Nicholas was my way of adding a slight bit of humor to an intense scene. I think the ghosts of Hogwarts do know everything that goes on in the castle. Maybe that's why Dumbledore is always so well informed. As for the unicorn placenta, they say it's a mortal crime to slay something so innocent. Like you said nothing dies from the collection of placental blood; therefore, logic dictates that the blood would be safe to use as a potion ingredient. Thank you for the compliment.

Verity Brown 2005.06.03 - 02:30AM 1: Prologue Signed
"However, he was no longer a man, merely a creation of two opposing forces." What an incredibly telling line! And the thought of him caressing his Dark Arts books is both poignant and chilling. I love this look into young Professor Snape's life--hardly anyone takes a look at that time period. Very, very nice. And welcome to Occlumency as an author! Woot!

Author's Response: I have always been very curious about his history. This story will be a battle between the two greatest loves of his life: Callista and the Dark Arts. Thank you for your warm welcome, and for helping me get here in the first place.

greenwood 2005.06.02 - 07:13PM 1: Prologue Signed
Great beginning! I liked the falshbacks. They were not too long so as to get the reader lost and forget where the story was going. I thought the question she asked was pretty cool as well - obscure and only someting he would have been able to answer. The tension you built between the characters is pretty thick and will make for a good story work-out!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. The tension between these two is delightfully fun to write. If you like flashbacks, there are some really good ones coming up.

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