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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Trickie Woo 2005.06.24 - 09:19PM 1: Signed
The interplay between Snape and Harry was very good, Snape is right, Harry is more like him than he will ever know. The flashback explained a lot of background. The cause of Snape's modesty had me laughing out loud, I hope Callista goes to the house elves and gets them to bring his underwear back ASAP. I do hope some romance will pop it's head uo soon.

Author's Response: The similarities between the two I always felt were the real cause of their mutually hate-filled relationship. Only someone as snarky as Severus Snape could manage to cheese-off a house-elf. Trickie Woo there will be lemons; I promise.

Verity Brown 2005.06.22 - 12:38AM 1: Signed
Darkness, indeed. Severus is messing with things he shouldn't, going places mentally that are a bad idea, especially for someone who was once a Death Eater. Callista's concern is entirely sensible, and I'm not sure why Dumbledore is doing this. There's just so much great stuff in this chapter. And I confess, I'm curious about what was really going on in the boathouse.

Author's Response: In due time, the boathouse incident will be addressed. We know that even someone as wise a Dumbledore can make a mistake.

Owlbait 2005.06.21 - 08:05PM 1: Signed
This can't be a good idea. Dumbledore may trust Snape's motives, but Snape doesn't exactly have a perfect record for being right, does he?

Author's Response: As the story progresses, you will learn Dumbledore's record isn't all that stellar either.

Trickie Woo 2005.06.21 - 06:17PM 1: Signed
Good, you've now caught up here to where I've finally read. Now I can read the next chapter here and send a review and know you will get it.

Chris 2005.06.17 - 10:18AM 1: Signed
Please continue...

Author's Response: Welcome to the group here. I will continue.

Ali1124 2005.06.17 - 08:33AM 1: Signed

Author's Response: Welcome to my little world I'm glad you're enjoying your stay.

Verity Brown 2005.06.16 - 05:53PM 1: Signed
I'm glad she gave him the potion, although he really didn't deserve it. "The Gryffindors had, of course, watched out for her, while his treacherous clutch of snakes had left him." Being a Slytherin has its disadvantages, even for the Head of House. But poor Severus, having Harry Potter cracking up over his...condition. Surely he's going to take that out on the boy in some way?

Author's Response: It also helps that she is a more popular teacher (sorry, Severus) and half the male students find her attractive. I don't think Harry would laugh if the two had traded places. Yes, Severus will seek revenge and very soon.

Owlbait 2005.06.16 - 04:51PM 1: Signed
I'm glad she didn't make Severus beg, he'd never have forgiven her.

Author's Response: She wanted to, and I would have made him beg on bended knee offering gifts and such. Perhaps she was afraid that he would let it fall off first. She is the more mature of the two.

Ali1124 2005.06.14 - 09:46AM 1: Signed
PLEASE KEEP GOING! I want to see how the hex is fixed! LOL

Verity Brown 2005.06.13 - 06:59PM 1: Signed
A well-placed hex indeed! This is one major reason I'd never want to be a man. I prefer having all my equipment...protected, so to speak.

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