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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Owlbait 2005.07.28 - 06:46AM 1: Signed
"Please say that there is a very fast-acting poison in that flask," hee hee! Poor man, but at least he's finally not frustrated any more. He's been through rather a lot.

Author's Response: That may be so, but I'm still treating him better than...never mind. The inspected lesson flashback was so much fun to write.

Verity Brown 2005.07.27 - 05:53PM 1: Signed
Whew! Break out the fans! Lemons aplenty!

The observation-from-hell was just too funny. I'm glad I never had it quite that bad! And poor Severus *finally* gets some relief. The way you were torturing that poor fellow....

Author's Response: I'm glad you still have your fan. He deserves some fun. Poor man. I did have an observation that was almost as bad!

Owlbait 2005.07.25 - 09:44AM 1: Signed
"If you want to keep her safe, you cannot tell her anything. " Dumbledore has a history of making that mistake, doesn't he?

Author's Response: Yes, he does, something about a road and good intentions comes to mind.

Verity Brown 2005.07.24 - 11:01PM 1: Signed
"Severus, I am warning you. If you breech your vow of secrecy to the Order, you will more than likely find yourself in an Azkaban cell. Is that clear?"
That is so harsh of Dumbledore! And Severus isn't having it easy in the present, either, with Bella and Bianca coming on to him when he's so physically frustrated. But at least he has very good reason to be grateful to Lupin now.

Author's Response: Dumbledore is taking a huge risk in believing in the young ex?Death Eater. The protection he was offered did not come without a price. As for his run-in withthe witches, let's hope his resolve is always so strong.

Mary Ella 2005.07.24 - 01:05PM 1: Signed
I feel all warm and tingly inside. :0) Seriously, however, I do love this chapter. It had a lot of wonderful ups and downs. For instance, I thought I had swallowed my heart when I read Bella's account of the happenings, and then felt the urge to scream with anger at V. You have a wonderful way of bringing in the readers, allowing them to feel what the characters feel.

Author's Response: *blushes Gryffindor red* Thank you for the compliment. I hope the next chapter will leave you just as happy.

EXECUTR 2005.07.24 - 10:19AM 1: Signed
Good story. Please keep it coming.

Author's Response: As long as people are willing to read (and review) I'll keep writing. Glad you're sticking with me!

Verity Brown 2005.07.11 - 05:08PM 1: Signed
I just want to smack Callista's parents! And Allen Buxley, too. I loved Severus's asides during his eavesdropping, though. :~)

Impulsively, he pressed it to his lips for the briefest of seconds. Her eyes met his, and for a moment he saw his future in them. That just sends pleasant chills up my spine. And dang Dumbledore for interrupting them--he has caused them a lot of grief!

Verity Brown 2005.07.11 - 05:04PM 1: Signed
Poor Callista! She really got whammied there in October--finding out her lover is a Death Eater, her best friend getting murdered, another dear friend being implicated as a supporter of Voldie and the betrayer of her best friend. How horrible for her! And then to have to flee, while pregnant, and giving birth among strangers to a child that does not survive. :~( I'm glad that Severus is able to grieve. And that Callista seems willing to forgive him. That shows the best in both of them. A beautiful, heart-wrenching chapter! Verity - mom of angel Jair Elizabeth, who would have been fifteen this month, had she lived.

Author's Response: My grandparents said that nothing changed a couple like the loss of a child. Thank you for all of you wonderful editing work on this one. Mom of Megan Elizabeth, who would be seven in October

EXECUTR 2005.07.10 - 01:05PM 1: Signed
Getting better and better.

Mary Ella 2005.07.09 - 03:33PM 1: Signed
*Reader breathes a sigh of relief* I was wondering just how they would manage after the shocking revelation of the last chapter. I am glad to see it worked out this way. Yet, dang Albus interupting their wonderful make-up....ummm well yeah. Great story, and I think I will take you up on the offer to "hose down". :)

Author's Response: Welcome aboard! I hope you will continue reading even if HBP blows my story out of the water. May your water be icy!

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