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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Trickie Woo 2005.08.31 - 12:25AM 1: Signed
Before I forget, congratulations on your both nominations. I didn't catch like Rickman line,what was it?

Author's Response: Thanks. I was really flattered and surprised by both of them.

Trickie Woo 2005.08.31 - 12:22AM 1: Signed
She was right, it was far too dangerous for Snape to teach Harry the Dark Arts no matter what Dumbledore thought. I do wish they would kill Voldecrap and all the Crapeaters very soon so Severus could have a happy life with Callista. I'm getting sick and tired of Voldecrap so I hope JKR gets her next book out ASAP and kills him and the Crapeaters off in the first chapter so the rest of the book can be spent on getting Snape redemption and respect and the place in life he really deserves.

Author's Response: All in good time my dear Trickie Woo, all in good time. Besides where would the fun be in such a quick ending. I suppose I could end it all quickly. Voldecrap and all the Crapeaters -- Sounds like as 60's Brit-band

lozzy 2005.08.26 - 03:54AM 1: Signed
this a great story can't wait to read more

Author's Response: It's always great to see a new name on the review board! Thank you for the review.

EXECUTR 2005.08.16 - 06:14PM 1: Signed
Still a great story. Please keep it coming.

Author's Response: Sorry to make you wait, but I'm glad you thought it was worth it.

Verity Brown 2005.08.16 - 02:15AM 1: Signed
"Forgiveness means giving up all hope of a better past." How true that is! Certainly these two have every reason to wish the past could be changed. And with Voldie getting suspicious, the future is looking much more uncertain as well.

Thanks for the plug!

Sorry about your grandma--it's difficult when we lose someone who has been a support. *hugs*

Author's Response: There is also a lot of love in their past. They just need to remember that. Voldie is always going to be suspicious of his followers, but this time he at least has good reasons for his suspicions.>:) You're very much welcome. Are you glad I changed the wording?

Trickie Woo 2005.08.15 - 03:10PM 1: Signed
I didn't realize that she was the one who betrayed him by turning him into the Aurors. He had already changed his allegiance from Voldemort to Dumbledore by that time and become a spy, right? That is how Dumbledore got him aquitted at the trial, right? She is as much at fault for everything as he is. In fact she maybe even more at fault. What I think they should do is send her to Grmmaud Place to stay and find a safe place to hide her away from the Deatheaters until Voldemort is defeated and killed. That would also be the best way to keep Snape alive, well and sane.

Author's Response: Keep in mind that Dumbledore also forbade Severus from telling her anything. Callista had absolutely no clue about Severus being a spy for the Order, all that she knew is the man that she had been sleeping with had the mark od a DE. In fact, I went on the possible assumption that no one knew that Severus. Keeping Severus's identity completely secret was Dumbledore's way of ensuring his relative safety. At the time of Snape's trial, all Callista knew was that she wasn't sure if she could trust any of the men in her life. First, her father had disowned her because of Severus. Then she learned that Severus had the Dark Mark, and, if nothing else, he had been lying to her for months. Then, Sirus, who offered to help her out of her situation, was found 'guilty' of the betrayal and death of the Potters. Lastly, since Dumbledore trusted both Sirius and Severus, she found herself doubting his judgement. The only choice that they have now is to pick up the pieces and try to start over.

greenwood 2005.08.15 - 02:54PM 1: Signed
Oh such a good chapter! I really liked the view into Severus's past painfull memories. Now the tension starts indeed!

Author's Response: Yet, the road to love, forgiveness, and redemption will be a rocky one. At least everything is out in the open.

Owlbait 2005.08.15 - 06:56AM 1: Signed
Interesting, of course Snape must have thought Sirius was a Death Eater since he didn't know about Peter. I wonder how much he knew about Regulus? Nice parallel, he gets called again but this time there's honesty.

Author's Response: Keep in mind also that Severus and Sirius were in kind of a silent competition for Callista. That, and the fact that they hate each other, would give Severus good reason to blame Sirius for Callista's disappearence/murder. I also think that if Severus KNEW that Pettigrew was a DE, he would have informed Dumbledore. At least I hope he would have done that. As for Snape's knowledge of Regulus--HMMMM, good question.

EXECUTR 2005.08.04 - 08:34PM 1: Signed
Great chapter. Please keep up the good work. I'm ready for chapter 15.

Author's Response: It's in the que and should be posted soon. I'm glad you're looking forward to it :^D

EXECUTR 2005.08.04 - 08:34PM 1: Signed
Great chapter. Please keep up the good work. I'm ready for chapter 15.

Author's Response: I hate to leave you hanging, but I won't be submitting #15 until Monday. Real-life has such an annoying way of intruding on my writing. I promise that it will be worth the wait.

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