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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

Ali1124 2005.09.26 - 11:01AM 1: Signed
Please update! I'm so happy with the way this story is going!

Author's Response: Hey, welcome back Ali! I promise to have the next chapter up much sooner. I think you'll like it.

sinaz0211 2005.09.26 - 01:29AM 1: Signed
I've enjoyed your story so far, and look forward to reading the interaction between our Potions Master and Harry at his upcoming detention. By the way, when you write your lemmony next section (we all know it's coming...), LET GO! I want to feel the passion!

Author's Response: Wooha anew reviewer! Chapter 18 is with my wonderful beta as we speak. I'm sure you will not be disappointed. I'm such a review junkie. Just don't drool on your keyboard; it can short it out. Personal experience, very embarrassing...

Verity Brown 2005.09.21 - 08:55PM 1: Signed
"It's not like you will be stripped naked and splayed on the table with nothing but a towel covering your privates." What an imagine...oh, what an image! :~D As much as Harry annoys me, I must admit that I enjoy him walking out of class. But poor Callista. Of course it's a foolish feminine sentiment--it's also a powerfully valid one. Mini-Malfoy is such a horrible suck-up. And LILY-white ass indeed! :~P

Author's Response: LOL I'm surprised more people didn't comment on that image. ;^D I've walked out of classes, not quite for those reasons, but with the same anger and resentment. Men just don't understand how important having a child is to a woman. Callista is definately hearing the tick- tick- tick of her biological clock. Malfoy's remark was very intentional and canon-based. He made snide comments about Harry's mum before in OotP. Got the crap thumped out of him then, too.

greenwood 2005.09.20 - 09:35PM 1: Signed
Oh so very good! Loved the interplay between Draco and Harry - it is getting darker and darker. The pressure is on with each character. Poor Severus, I don't think his headache is going to go away all too soon from the looks of how things are mounting up! I do so look forward to your next chapter - keep'em coming!

Author's Response: Welcome back greenwood! I'm glad I'm keeping your attention.

greenwood 2005.09.20 - 08:30PM 1: Signed
No, I didn't catch it - but I am bad at those sort of things and I haven't seen all of him movies (*sigh*). Very good chapter. I could feel the hate between Harry and Severus in the duel and the sadness in is flashback of their last night together before she disappeared. Very well done!

Author's Response: The line was "keep the stitches small." from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I worked so very hard to get thet duel where I wanted it; I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.

Trickie Woo 2005.09.20 - 02:19PM 1: Signed
I wish I had someone as skilled as she is in massage when my neck and shoulders ache. Does Harry hate Snape enough to use a dark curse that would give Snape away as a spy in DADA class next time? Does he have enough sense to know what he wants is not what's best for the Order? Also why does the order have to stay a secret underground organization? Voldie recruits Deatheaters and everyone knows about Voldemort and his organization, so why does any opposing organization have to be secret? If no one knows about it how does the order fill it's membership rolls? The Ministry has no army whatsoever, only Aurors; so how do they go about defending the magical world from without and within. If the Order of the Phoenix is the only defense against Voldemort they should be offering membership to all that oppose Voldemort. Pure bloods are a small minority in the Wizarding world and Voldemort threatens the continued existence of all those who are not Pure Blood. That fact alone should swell the ranks of the Order to the point of where they outnumber the Deatheaters 10 to 1. Why doesn't Dumbledore do that, is he such a control freak that he can't see it? He has put much more responsibility for the survival of the Light and the Wizarding World on Snape than Harry has on his shoulders. Harry only has to destroy Voldemort, Snape has to do everything else that will make it possible for Harry to kill Voldemort. The burden he carries is too much for one person. Back to the story now, that's what Neville needed all along, one on one tutoring in Potions from somebody other than Snape and his own wand. I wish Severus and Callista would go back to spending at least an occasional night together, it would make like easier and better for them. At the end why was she distant to him? I hope she has flooed to his quarters and is in his bed waiting for him when he comes back from the workroom.

Author's Response: Harry really and truly despises Snape, but he also knows how important Snape is to the Order. Harry has built up nearly six years of resentment toward the man, some of it is justified. The continued secrecy of the Order exists to protect the members. They just don't know who they can trust. Remember not ALL Death Eaters are Pure-bloods. Poor Neville rarely, if ever, gets the credit he deserves. Callista really wants for them to go on with the life that was so rudely interrupted by Voldemort. Severus is putting the Order ahead of her, denying her what she wants in the process. He's being a dense male and just really doesn't understand her other priorities.

snapehp 2005.09.20 - 01:41PM 1: Signed
Great chapter! I have really been keeping up with the story and I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Yipee! a new reviewer! I try to post every week to ten days, providing real life runs relatively smoothly. Thank you for enjoying the story.

Owlbait 2005.09.02 - 12:59PM 1: Signed
"Mother of Merlin, he meant Callista!" good thing he was talking to Harry and not Callista when he made that mistake. "His little snakes would be back, and once again he would have House responsibilities to fulfill" I like how he thinks of his charges :)

Author's Response: That would have been funny. I might be able to use that in the story somewhere. Thanks for the inspiration! Somehow I just don't see him enjoying teaching all that much.

Verity Brown 2005.09.01 - 08:55PM 1: Signed
That was really rather clever of Harry. But he doesn't seem to realize--in spite of his years with the Dursleys--that it *is* possible to push adults too far. And his unrelentingly scornful attitude toward Snape is terribly juvenile of him.

Callista was quite silly to think that she could pass as a Death Eater. But I loved Severus's reflection on his appearance: "Dear Merlin, he kissed Callista with that mouth!" Isn't that just like a guy?!

Author's Response: Harry has been deluded into thinking that his friendship with Callista is a bit of armor between himself and Snape. He is of course incorrect in that assumption. Love makes you want to do stupid things. He really has probably never taken the time to truly "look" at himself. Unfortunately, any major changes would make people suspicious.

EXECUTR 2005.08.31 - 05:58PM 1: Signed
Good chapter. Please keep it coming.

Author's Response: I'm working on it. I'm thrilled you're enjoying the story.

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