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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:22AM 1: Signed
His reaction to finding Harry in Callista's room was hilarous, but understandable. I think that it is interesting that he was in love with Lily too. Thought I don't quite interpret it that way, many folks do. The interlude with Sirius was (sigh) quite pleasing.

Author's Response: That wasn't one of Callista's brighter moves, but it really was innocent on her part. Thank you for the marathon of reviews I really appreciated it.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:21AM 1: Signed
Don't hold back on Lucius, dear, go ahead and portray him as a skank that he is. You are really killing me by only giving small bits of the back story, really. I am also quite intrigued by Callista's relationship with Sirius and hope that you do go into it more. Qutie the twist that Harry is carrying the torch for her.

Author's Response: Lucius is an arse. Sirius has an important role in the end of Callista and Severus's relationship. Harry's infatuation is also important.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:19AM 1: Signed
The dark spells you came up with were great, as were Snape's instructions to Harry. I love it that Snape let his feelings slip and she was pleased by it.

Author's Response: Making up spells is always a challenge, but a fun challenge. They have a *very* rich but brief history together. Feelings like that don't die easily.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:18AM 1: Signed
I think it is very interesting and reasonable that one should know dark spells in order to defend against them. Makes perfect sense. Fascinating how it is changing both of them.

Author's Response: The Dark Arts lessons are important for a number of reasons. Change isn't always good.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:17AM 1: Signed
Again, I reiterate that the hex is evil! She must be quite brave indeed to use that. I love it that they have called a truce, especially that she is trying to entice him a bit. Can't wait to see where this leads.

Author's Response: Snape is one stubborn man, and breaching his armor won't be an easy process.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:16AM 1: Signed
Yikes! That STD hex is priceless. I am getting quite antsy for them to be getting on with things.

Author's Response: There will be other *interesting* hexes coming up. >:)

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:16AM 1: Signed
I can't believe that his father would allow him to be used like that. How awful! Poor guy! The way you are telling the back story through recollections is great--it keeps me wanting more, which is just what you want to do, I suppose! Excellent to have Dumbledore go on about the protection that love confers. I believe it will remain to be part of the bigger story in Book 7.

Author's Response: Death Eaters are awful people who just don't value others. I'm glad you like the flashbacks, there are some really nice ones coming up. ;^) I agree with you on Book 7.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:14AM 1: Signed
The unicorn bits are a stroke of genius on your part--all that blood and goopy bits of placenta. You'd have to be a potions fan to want to muck around in THAT! It is very cool that Callista is standing up for Harry in his parents' absence. Just what he needs, IMHO.

Author's Response: i needed something that was rare and would have great potential as a potion ingredient. After loosing Sirius, Harry does need a lot of guidance from someone who knew his parents.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.10.10 - 11:13AM 1: Prologue Signed
I am finally getting around to reading this! Your Snape is quite good, not fluffy, but just the right amount of canon snarkiness to please. I also really like Callista and the fact that she stands up to Snape. Interesting that she is Gryffindor.

Author's Response: Fluffy and Snape just don;t work in the same sentence. As for my OC Callista, I really feel the only woman that Snape would ever be truly content with was someone who was nearly his equal. Only a Gryffindor would be brave enough to deal with a Slytherin.

Verity Brown 2005.10.07 - 01:16AM 1: Signed
Silly Snape--of course they need a Snapelet! I hope he realizes that soon.

Author's Response: It seems as if the idea of a Snapelet is a lot more popular than I thought it would be. And we know from my one-shot that Snape was a cute little baby. :)

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