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Reviews for Shadow on My Heart

redvelvetcanopy 2005.11.04 - 01:51PM 1: Signed
Lovely chapter--the intimate scenes were well-written and beautifully described.

Author's Response: I'm glad you found the lemons to your liking!

redvelvetcanopy 2005.11.04 - 01:50PM 1: Signed
What a horrible battle! You write Voldemort and the DE's very well, esp. the wanton witches. :) I'm glad he made his intentions on telling Callista the truth clear to Dumbledore. Beautiful ending to a tragic chapter!

Author's Response: Writing evil characters can be very theraputic. Let's see how long Snape can maintain his resolve.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.11.04 - 01:49PM 1: Signed
What a horrible father she had! How dreadfully he treated her! Allen Buxley--it is good that the prat is gone. Sigh, it is a pity that their reunion had to be interrupted.

Author's Response: Does her father remind you of any canon characters who their reputations ahead of family? Buxley is a monument to the crummy boyfriend nearly everyone.

redvelvetcanopy 2005.11.04 - 01:49PM 1: Signed
I am so glad they got together! I adore the concept that she came back to protect him. That everyone cares about Harry, yet few for Severus' life, save her. How touching! The attack on the Prewetts was horrible. Scary to think of DE's killing babies--Callista is rightfully afraid. Very interesting interpretation of what happened that Halloween night. So sad that their baby died! The dreams of holding the baby are comforting, really.

Author's Response: I wanted to have a really valid reason for her to feel the need to go into hiding, because I think that she is too strong of a person to be afraid only for herself. I'm glad you like my version of Halloween night!

sinaz0211 2005.10.25 - 04:09PM 1: Signed
Harry is rapidly becoming one of my least-favorite characters...but I guess if you're a Snape fan, it's a logical progression. Moody, on the other hand, I like. Please keep him a smart character, he'll come around.

Author's Response: Harry is a typical 15 year old; they know everything! Well, they think they do. Moody is very protective and that won't change.... much.

Author's Response: Congratulations on being my 100th reviewer! *Throws confetti and releases balloons*

Verity Brown 2005.10.22 - 01:30AM 1: Signed
Harry really does seem to be The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-A-Pain-In-The-Arse these days! And I love the conversation with Moody, even if Moody is also being one of those. Callista's mention of the Hog's Head was just evil. But I'll definitely take whipped cream and a Potions master, although I'd rather have them separately--one with angel food cake, the other with nothing. ;~D *ducks and runs*

Author's Response: *chucks angel food cake in Verity's direction* Verity, you're so naughty. A naked Potions master is a good thing. ;^) Like everything else, Moody takes his promises a bit too seriously. I just love writing PITA!Harry.

Owlbait 2005.10.21 - 11:55AM 1: Signed
Potter and Snape's confrontation rang very true for both of them. The all-seeing eye sees Moody nursing a painful and embarassing hex-injury if he persists in interfering in Callista's love-life.

Author's Response: I love writing Snape vs. Harry. As for Moody, I wonder who will inflict the injury...

Trickie Woo 2005.10.21 - 01:43AM 1: Signed
The cat fight between Molly and Callista was well written, I can't remember if you ever said why Molly is so antagonistic towards her. I feel that it's none of Moody's business, no matter what he promised her father. She's past 30 and has been on her own since she was 18 or so, it's her life and the only thing he should be able to do is give her some advice if she asks him for it. I'm looking forward to the Hohsmeade weekend, I hope they have something better to do than have lunch with the staff and chaperoning the students.

Author's Response: I agree that it isn't any of Moody's business, but he could be using it as an excuse to hold onto his grudge against Snape. Molly thinks that Callista is a very in appropriate lady, because she doesn't conform to the standards of the wizarding world. She also gets along too well with the men in Molly's life.

snapehp 2005.10.21 - 12:22AM 1: Signed
Great chapter! Severus and Harry actually made eye contact without pure loathing. Plus, he gave a "yes" vote to let Harry join in some of the Order's meetings. As for his personal life, I feel kind of bad for Severus. He loves Callista, but can't really be with her because it would put her in danger on Voldemort's side and the Order's side thinks he is not worthy, or so it seems. Poor guy is damned if he does and damned if he don't. Sorry about going on and on, I just really enjoy the story.

Author's Response: Don't be silly; long reviews are actually very helpful. Things are going to get *interesting*. Moody takes his promises a bit too seriously. Then again, he takes *everything* too seriously. Thank you for the great review.

greenwood 2005.10.20 - 08:15PM 1: Signed
Oh dont' feel we might be disappointed! I like the tart along with the sweet. Sometimes the tartness can make the lemony goodness seem all the better! This was a very well done chapter. We can see tension strongly building between Moody and Severus. It seems there are some forces that are trying hard to come between Callista and Severus's romance....how much and to who's detiment we will have to wait and see. It was good that Severus could put his personal feelings aside and vote for Harry to get some Order information (that was a big help in seperating him from too much childish behavior! *snort*). I look forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you for your faithful reviewing, greenwood! I figured after Ch 18 it might be good to allow the computers to cool down a bit. Severus needed that bit of objectivity, but he isn't quite over his childish ways. Sooner or later things are going to get ugly. >:) Currently I'm working on the next four or five chapters so things may move a bit more quickly.

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