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Reviews for A Picture of Her

potterverse 2008.03.11 - 11:02PM 2: A Clearer Picture Signed
I just had to say bloody good Monty Python reference "Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more." But I raise you one with, "Is she a 'go'er? Does she go?" I loved the rest of your story, by the way, and I especially liked the A/N at the end. Amusing.

Bethanyblueberry 2006.07.24 - 12:11PM 1: Blurred Image Signed
its so sad

Author's Response: It cheers up a bit if you read the rest of the trilogy, bella, colchis and the third vision! thanks forthe review!

journeymom 2005.12.14 - 12:44PM 2: A Clearer Picture Anonymous
A facinating story. I liked both chapters, for different reasons. And Hermione in a Fred and George sandwich! Lucky girl!

Author's Response: yes, l'd like to be the filling in a fred and george sandwich myself! l did consider writning the three of them a pwp, but l wouldn't know where to start wiht a pwp, never done one. thanks for reviewing.

snapeaddict 2005.07.18 - 03:45AM 2: A Clearer Picture Signed
I liked the idea of Hermione going out with both Weasley twins. Hee hee... :-)

Author's Response: yes, that induced smutty giggling with me too, bad hermione! thanks for reviewing

anyah_daoc 2005.06.07 - 08:57PM 2: A Clearer Picture Signed
Hahaha. I really enjoyed this piece. Thank you for both chapters. I love character pieces like this.

Author's Response: Thanks, i like the idea of exploring characters from another point of view. thanks for reviewing!

Seanna 2005.06.07 - 06:07PM 2: A Clearer Picture Anonymous
Hehe, how entertaining. I loved this, so light and humourous even considering some of the nasty events that brought about the situation (you know the whole ending of the war, and people dying thing). I suppose what I am trying to say is that you made very light of a dark situation. I also like how you have contrasted the almost suffucating sadness of the first chapter with the friendly frolic in the second chapter. Me thinks that you may have had your toes tread on a few too many time whilst dancing, because you venhemently discredited all men (obviously apart from Snape is not merely a man, but a god! (hehe yeah right!) ), bless their souls, they only but try their best. Anyhoo, yes very nice, I liked it! P.s. sorry for not ringing you back on saturday, i have honestly just remebered, sorry, sorry, you may beat me later, hehe!!!!!!

Author's Response: that's me, Gallows humour girl! and for your information, i am highly unlikely to have my toes trodden on whilst dancing, becuase all of the men i know consider themselves too manly to ever dance at all! Apart from alex, but he only does the monkey dance, and only when he's drunk, and if you mention it at any other time he gets ever so upset about it, so obviously i mention it at every available oportunity, coz i'm a visciuos cow! anyway they deserved to let thier hair down i thought. thanks for reviewing!

marina 2005.06.05 - 05:16PM 1: Blurred Image Signed
This chapter is beautiful. It captures beautifully the pain for a loss that great.

Author's Response: thank you! at least it didn't wake me up for no good reason then. Thanks for reviewing

marina 2005.06.05 - 05:14PM 2: A Clearer Picture Signed
Don't take this the wrong way, but I like the fist chapter better. It's truly brilliant and the other one seems like Deus ex Machina.

Author's Response: no offence taken, but i am a bit unclear about what aspect of it you found to be a deus ex machina? i suppose mahaut could come acrross that way if you hadn't read bella or colchis? there is a bit of a difference in the faces that she shows to different people. i agree that the first one was better anyway, i liked it better too, so i;m not offended. i think maybe blurred image was a hard act to follow and i should have posted them as separate one shots. this one drops a few things in that are relevant to the third vision in it's later chapters so it does kind of serve a puirpose that way too. thanks for reviewing though!

June W 2005.06.05 - 03:04PM 2: A Clearer Picture Anonymous
Favorite line: despite my overwhelming weariness, I have magnanimously decided to permit you to drag me around the dance floor. I love the way feisty Ginny stands up for Mahaut! Drat the stupid Harry.... Hermione with the twins? Ack, I needed your Author's Note to get THAT thought out of my head - too bad Severus doesn't have am intelligent brother for Hermione. Are you sure that someone - the Ministry even - wouldn't have spilled the beans about Mahaut being Bella's prisoner for those years? You know, because it would be announced that Bella had died at the hands of an auror named Mahaut. Will there be another chapter? The story says "Completed: No".

Author's Response: l quite like the idea of hermione and the twins, it appealed to me, but maybe i'm just a bit pervy(hell! who am i kidding- i'm a lot pervy!) too bad severus doesn't have an intelligane brother for me! actaully i'd seettle for his thick brother! it was never a secret that mahaut was bell'as prisoner, sorry if you got the wrong impression from what i wrtoe, but some things were covered up, like the exact means that mahaut used to kill bella were never revealed coz that would have meant rrevealing the substantis incantation. no other chapter, sorry i just forgot to click the thingummy wotsit. thanks for treviewing

starshadow 2005.06.04 - 02:25PM 1: Blurred Image Signed
Aw bless him...

Author's Response: i felt a bit sorry for the poor thing too! thanks for reviewing!

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