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Reviews for Ashen and Sober Skies

VAS 2016.05.15 - 03:31PM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
Oh PLEASE a few more chapters, I believe that 'your' Snape is so accurate and true to JKR's. I do not want to think that this was his end after all of the care , concern, and love that was mustered in his recovery from the torture he suffered.

marilyn 2015.11.19 - 12:24PM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
I know I am awfully late to read this, but I had a relapse in Snape-love, so could you please go on? The story is superbly written and intriguing and it's so nice to see Severus recover again, but what will he do now, and what potion did he drink? I almost thought you let him commit suicide, before I remembered the story isn't finished. Please go on.

roni0811 2014.08.24 - 03:59AM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
what heart wretching story on the aftermath of severus rescued and his recovery!! hope one day, u will return to complete it!!

viaversipellis 2012.09.18 - 07:49PM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
I usually don't review stories. Instead I typically finish it, admit to myself that I found it entertaining, and then move on to the next. There have, however, been a few exceptions over the years. These have been more like a fine wine or premium cigar. I finished reading Ashen and Sober Skies a few days ago, and I'm still enjoying the aftertaste. I do believe you nailed Snape perfectly. This was by far the most realistic Snape fanfic I've read, and I do believe I've read my fair share. I recognize that this story is still marked as unfinished, but this can stand alone as it is. In my initial write up for this review, I went ahead and analyzed it. That analysis went on for several paragraphs before I realized that I didn't want to be that guy. The subtleties in this story are part of what distances it from the rest, and I certainly won't be the one to kill that charm. Many things are better left unsaid. I'll just sum up what I said in several paragraphs into this: your story is not just a fanfic. It's enlightening.

naturalgirl 2012.08.12 - 11:35AM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
Just found your story and like it very much. Will you continue writing? Please don't stop here :-) Anxiously awaiting more.

Author's Response: I still intend to finish it, although I've had a sore case o the real life. I'm getting married this week, for example, and have a job now that requires I work rather than answer the phone occasionally and write fan fiction. :)

alicebs 2012.01.13 - 03:10AM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
Thank you for taking up this story again, which has always been among my favourites. What a cliffhanger! I cannot imagine what this potion is meant to do. Re-establish his memories? Kill him? Make him forget everything?

Severus49 2011.12.11 - 12:00AM 1: Prologue: Into the Depths Signed
Ive just found this story and it's remarkable! The idea that Severus could construct such a diverse and detailed world in his own mind. Another thing that intrigued me is the splitting of his subconcious into two separate entities to hold his memories - one, the "Young Severus", which is basically memories of his childhood - when he believes he was untainted and pure, and "Old Severus", the mature adult who knew what he was doing and willingly did it - good and bad. The saddest thing is, he forgets all about the justification and resignations of the evil he had to endure and inflict. No matter that he killed the girl that was raped, he killed her to save her from the horrors that surely would have happened. That part, his subconcious totally forgets about, so all he has left is the explicitness of the act. I thought perchance, Minerva would have talked to him about that particular example of "evil", but she didn't. I still don't understand why. Only Snape can forgive himself and thusly move on, but unless his friends can "kick him in the ass" about it, and make him understand that sometimes a person is led to do awful things, we atone to a higher power for the sins of commitment, and we move on - yet, only Minerva's tried to do that, and done it only once. Though it WAS successful and should have been repeated, it was not repeated. And now, Snape's given his implicit instructions not to go back into his mind, thus shutting off the only means of helping him through his sorrow and guilt. Yes, I believe that if those particular actions could have been repeated, then it would have been the catalyst for Snape to begin to pull himself out of the quagmire that he developed and thus help himself heal.

I can't wait to read more! I'm so glad you've taken this up again recently. Thanks!

Cherylann14love 2011.11.23 - 12:19PM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
This story is wonderful! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Owlbait 2011.11.22 - 06:36AM 24: Twenty-Three - Decisions Signed
Oooh, I remember this from back in the day. Have to start from the beginning before I can read the new chapter. Yay!

Vizen 2009.05.24 - 05:41PM 23: Twenty-Two - Endurance Signed
ooooh.... You don't update anymore ;( ... Pleaaaaaase Can you tell us who are the read haired girls ???? And thank you for having written the fic - hoping you'll finish it some day :)

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