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Reviews for Shadow of the Moon

scoutwithwings 2009.08.23 - 03:34AM 10: Time of Decision, Moment of Truth Signed
I enjoyed this. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. :)

NoxSomnium 2008.05.05 - 02:11PM 2: Uncomfortable Explanations Signed
Lupin is...oddly giddy. I know he's excited, but canon Lupin suppresses his emotions to the point of ridiculousness. Unlike Snape, who tends to channel everything into rage, he only becomes mildly anything except under extreme circumstances. I think he would be trying harder to suppress his excitement. Failing, undoubtedly, but trying.

phoenix 2005.04.21 - 01:32AM 10: Time of Decision, Moment of Truth Signed
Very nicely done. All in all a great follow up. You did an absolutely marvelous job capturing both characters and, as always, I loved the verbal sparring....I also like that while there is a cure, that perhaps might help the newly bitten, it is not without consequences for those that have been afflicted for a while. I really enjoyed this.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 09:47PM 9: Your Dreams Could Come True, It Could Happen To You Anonymous
interesting side effects.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 09:35PM 6: Reviving the Sacrificial Wolf Anonymous
Minor nitpick in an otherwise fantastic story. How long does that potion last? Unlikely as it could be, Lupin could have turned into a wolf while sleeping in the guest room.

Author's Response: Snape states in Chapter Two that the potion would need to be taken every month...my intent was to imply that it would last similarly to the Wolfsbane Potion.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 09:27PM 5: Testing on Live Animals is Strictly Prohibited Anonymous
Good detail. I like how you put in their feeling about things. The clothes dialog was hysterical. Snapes thoughts about Lupin transforming were poignant.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 09:20PM 4: The Cage Anonymous
Nice dialog.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 09:16PM 3: Slaughtering Guinea Pigs in the Name of Research Anonymous
guinea pig at my door step. Cute phrase.

rambkowalczyk 2004.10.29 - 09:04PM 1: A Cure or Not a Cure, That's Only Half the Question Anonymous
I like the moral dilemma that Snape new potions entail. good insight.

June W 2004.09.22 - 03:06PM 10: Time of Decision, Moment of Truth Anonymous
You're not going to tell us what happened to Marga? In her childlike state, did she wander off and get herself killed? Will there be another sequel?

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