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Reviews for Distant

morgaine_dulac 2008.06.18 - 04:10PM 1: Distant Signed
Very angsty. I like Snape that way. Thanks for sharing. /M

Zhaneraal 2005.05.31 - 02:07PM 1: Distant Signed
VNV Nation - very appropriate. I really enjoyed the reference made to Egyptian mythology. Interesting, and well written. Thank you.

Lola 2005.05.06 - 05:02PM 1: Distant Anonymous
OMG! That was THE singular most amazing Snape-monologue I've ever read. Not only is your writing excellent, but you nail the character absolutely perfectly! And I love this line - "hes made some huge mistakes -- one, letting Tom Riddle go to an orphanage (which he is currently repeating with one Wizarding World Savior, Harry-Bloody-Potter)" I never really thought of it in those terms but it does seem like Dumbledore is making the same mistakes and thus inadvertantly leading Harry down the same path Tom went down. Again, EXCELLENT story!!! I would say turn it into a story, but its perfect as it is!

Verity Brown 2005.05.06 - 04:40PM 1: Distant Signed
Oooo, very depressing stuff. But I really love the last paragraph, about the feather.

mouse 2005.05.06 - 01:04AM 1: Distant Signed
Ah, Angsty!Snape at his finest - very nice bit of work! I would prefer a bit more story woven into it, but it's always lovely to be taken inside the Potions Master's head. You capture his thoughts with great elegance.

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