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Reviews for The Wizard and the Muggle

wytchkat 2005.05.29 - 10:52PM 13: Incommunicado Signed
it would seem our dear severus is more upset than we know=sigh-but being such a hard man to forget-the silly woman has to come to her senses.nice bit about the tracer spell as well as giving lupin a brain that he can use. good job again!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Trickie Woo 2005.05.29 - 09:02PM 13: Incommunicado Signed
I hope the tracer worked and he can find Dariah and try to make it up to her. Now for the cliffhanger, did he take the first dose of the potion on time and will the potion work this month. Lupin gets the worst case of PMS every month I've ever heard of.

Author's Response: LOL! I feel so bad about throwing stuff like that his way, but it does beg for attention, doesn't it?

Verity Brown 2005.05.29 - 05:04PM 13: Incommunicado Signed
I love the interaction here between Snape and Lupin. And it shows how entirely Snape's brain is out to lunch for him to forget a thing like that. I'm beginning to really feel sorry for Dariah again, although the situation did look bad. Jury's still out on her, I guess.

Author's Response: I must confess, I love to see the human-ness of Snape come out at last. I find I have to fight myself to let some snarkiness back in now and then.

wytchkat 2005.05.28 - 07:23AM 12: Assessing the Damage Signed
sevvie feeling pity and anger for himself-it works really well!just don't let him guilt himself too much-he needs to claim his woman before she falls for a sensitive werewolf....and I really wanna see albus get drunk one time..I think it would be very funny-or very scary!

Author's Response: Thanks for the response!

Trickie Woo 2005.05.28 - 02:15AM 12: Assessing the Damage Signed
I'm still full of questions, Like what happened at malfoy's house and why did he take her? I'm sure there were other reasons than lust. But the biggest one of all is will she and Snape get back together? I certainly hope so.

Author's Response: Tune in again for the next chapter . . . coming soon (organ music). I so like to keep my readers guessing!

Verity Brown 2005.05.28 - 12:20AM 12: Assessing the Damage Signed
Why do I have this feeling that whatever Lucius did to Dariah is far worse than anything I can readily imagine? (And believe me, I can imagine quite a lot.) Thank goodness Lupin is there. And poor Severus...assessing the damage indeed.

Author's Response: Yes, I was getting that creepy feeling myself while writing. Thanks for the response!

Ali1124 2005.05.23 - 08:44AM 11: Mistakes That Haunt Signed
Keep it going! I really love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter is awaiting validation even as you read this . . .

sunny9847 2005.05.21 - 05:26AM 11: Mistakes That Haunt Signed
This is getting very interesting. Malfoy is so evil, he scares me!! Poor Dariah. I hope Snape can rescue her soon. Thanks for the great story. Looking forward to the next chapter. Sunny

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter is now awaiting validation.

wytchkat 2005.05.20 - 11:12PM 11: Mistakes That Haunt Signed
nice...very nice.

Author's Response: Thank you!

Verity Brown 2005.05.20 - 03:24PM 11: Mistakes That Haunt Signed
Ok, now I'm confused. If Malfoy let her go, then why would he wait until she got home to kidnap her? I hope that all shall become clear in time.

Author's Response: No one could Disapparate on Hogwart grounds. He would have been hiding from anyone outside the grounds if he was planning on kidnapping her. Therefore, he'd go to where he could do this without anyone seeing, and knowing she'd go home, that's where he waited.

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