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Reviews for The Wizard and the Muggle

Verity Brown 2005.06.03 - 01:59AM 18: A Would-Be Demand For Justice Signed
Gah, what a place to stop!!! I want to know what really happened, dang it! But then, you always update quickly. :~)

Author's Response: Actually, I've finished the story. The quick updates are thanks to the editors at Occlumency!

Verity Brown 2005.06.03 - 01:52AM 17: It Always Comes From the Direction Not Considered Signed
Ok, I think the word gelatinous confused me. Somehow I got the idea that he'd melted down partway into a puddle of goo, and that he was actually not human anymore. The truth is much more...fitting.

Author's Response: I'm running out of adjectives LOL!

Verity Brown 2005.06.03 - 01:42AM 17: It Always Comes From the Direction Not Considered Signed
Whoa...what on earth??? I thought he was going to use Polyjuice, but that was even sneakier. And what *is* he? Gosh, poor Dariah....

Author's Response: I had to invent a new potion for this story, so Severus and Lucius could actually use the other's body.

Trickie Woo 2005.06.03 - 01:11AM 18: A Would-Be Demand For Justice Signed
I loved the opening part of this chapter, it had me laughing out loud. I kept wondering if one of them was going to say "Accio penis" and how much of it was left to answer the call, or if the animal that ate it would answer the call. Snape and Lupin used very good statigy there. And she shpuld be proud of what she did, she put the most evil and dangerous surviving deatheater out of commission.

Author's Response: I agree! I don't usually write comedy, but I had the giggles about something unrelated while I wrote it, and my muse came along for the ride. I just loved the idea of Snape laughing hard enough to double up and fall to the ground!

Ali1124 2005.06.02 - 08:44AM 16: How To Live With Terror Signed
I really love this story. PLEASE keep it going!

Author's Response: Thank you! There are a few more chapters to go . . .

Trickie Woo 2005.06.01 - 11:01PM 1: Wishes Signed
Lord, I forgot about Lorena Bobbit, she was my hero. That Dariah had done that had never crossed my mind. Lorena was awfully stupid to leave the evidence behind. If she had sliced it up into little pieces they would never have been able to reattach it and he would never have been a porn star. Let's hope that Lucius can't regenerate a new one using magic.

Author's Response: I know! I thought maybe she didn't disintigrate the damned thing because she might have felt remorse. But tune in for the next chapter! Dariah's made out of tougher stuff!

wytchkat 2005.06.01 - 09:01PM 17: It Always Comes From the Direction Not Considered Signed
did she pull a bobbit? i really liked the whole 'i'm my own white knight' image that you have given her. is lupin going to see her any diffrently after seeing waht she did to lucius?how bout severus? nice work!

Author's Response: She pulled a bobbit, although she was much more thorough about it. I always though Lorraine Bobbit was a fool for allowing anything to remain behind for a surgical reattachment! Stay tuned . . .

Trickie Woo 2005.06.01 - 08:40PM 17: It Always Comes From the Direction Not Considered Signed
As he took himself in hand each night, what a diplomatic way of putting it. I hope they let what's left of him in there bleed to death. I'm still trying to figure out what part of Lucius is in the back garden, I hope that part of him bleeds to death too.

Author's Response: I really enjoyed writing this chapter. No, I don't hate men, although the next chapter may sound like it, I just got a fit of the giggles for some reason and it found its way into the story. So, stay tuned!

wytchkat 2005.06.01 - 02:45AM 16: How To Live With Terror Signed
very intense-terriiffiicc!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Verity Brown 2005.05.31 - 07:35PM 16: How To Live With Terror Signed
Oh my, poor, poor Remus! That's adding injury to embarassment. Ok, things are going too well. Something is about to break...I can feel it.

Author's Response: (evil laugh here) Yes, something is about to break.

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