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Reviews for The Wizard and the Muggle

wytchkat 2005.06.06 - 01:25AM 21: And What Now? Signed
hmmm....I can see dumbledore's position. that would have been a hard call to make.thanks for the explination,and good work!

Author's Response: No problem for the explanation; if I had written the chapter better, you would no doubt have picked that up from reading.

Trickie Woo 2005.06.06 - 01:14AM 21: And What Now? Signed
A part of her is like The Bad Seed. Is the dark magic hereditary or does a witch or wizard have to make the choice. If they do have to choose, is it consciously or Unconciously? If they do get everything worked out they will be a very formidable pair.

Author's Response: I think that's what Dumbledore is counting on!

Owlbait 2005.06.05 - 07:26AM 20: Muggle . . . Or Not? Signed
So she is a witch, and Albus knew it. A plan he's been working on for some time. how long ago was she 6? during VW1, or around when the Potters were killed?

Author's Response: Dariah is roughly the same age as Harry Potter, so she was six around five years after Harry Potter's parents were killed.

wytchkat 2005.06.05 - 01:24AM 20: Muggle . . . Or Not? Signed
oh boy-this is getting deep,for albus to alter her memory like that is a really bad thing-maybe she would never have control over her gift-and why did it just stop happining after a memory charm?just courious.great work!

Author's Response: After her memory charm, she was getting older, and outgrowing temper tantrums. When her aunt began trying to teach her about the Dark Arts, she avoided using the magic she didn't know she had because it frightened her. She was teaching herself control, but didn't realize it. Thanks!

Trickie Woo 2005.06.04 - 10:17PM 20: Muggle . . . Or Not? Signed
I tried sending a review about 15 minutes ago but something was wrong with my internet connection, so I will try to remember what I wrote and do it again.Albus has always been the biggest question of them all. Every point that Snape brought up I had also wondered about at sometime while rreading the books. Snape suggests that Albus is very Machiavellian wiht possibly even a touch of the di' Medici in him. The Wizarding World is lucky Albus chose the side of the light, if he had chosen the Dark he would have been much worse than Voldemort. I really enjoyed reading about the erotic massage, it's almost like getting it yourself.

Author's Response: Thank you! I try to be as descriptive as possible to put the reader right there. And I agree that Albus has other dimensions to him, as you might see in the next chapter.

Verity Brown 2005.06.04 - 02:57PM 19: Guilt and New Ideas Signed
Ouch...not good, so very not good. As if she weren't feeling guilty enough already. And yet she hated Lucius enough, even after the revenge she took, to force him to kill himself. That's scary. It's still not clear to me what happened, either to Dariah when she had been kidnapped, or the details of her mutiliation of Malfoy. Am I just not picking up what I should? Or are you being intentionally vague?

Author's Response: I was being intentionally vague because it's mainly Snape's story (with a lot of Lupin), and as he doesn't know yet what's going on, neither does the reader. Things will become a little more clear in future chapters . . .

Trickie Woo 2005.06.03 - 09:39PM 19: Guilt and New Ideas Signed
So now she is thene with power, how fitting. That is what any type of abuse is about, power. I hope she uses it wiselywith Severus's help. I would think any of the remaining deatheaters would stay far away from her after what she did to Lucius, and he did thoroughly deserve it and any other punishment he received. It could be that Narcissa and Draco a grateful to be out from under his thumb and rid of him. Update soon and let us know how Lupin is doing with Anderson's sister.

Author's Response: Yes, poor Lupin needs someone stable in his life . . . but I think that might be a separate story altogether.

Owlbait 2005.06.03 - 02:50PM 16: How To Live With Terror Signed
I'm surprised Severus isn't just a little squicked knowing Lucius has a telepathic link to Dariah. ick!

Author's Response: I don't see Severus as being someone who is easily squicked. He's been through so much himself. Thanks for the response!

Owlbait 2005.06.03 - 01:51PM 6: The Company We Keep Signed
Well I can see *I'm* in the right company following this story :) I can so see Severus falling for someone who can make him kiss the wall! And of course it wouldn't be going smoothly, poor thing.

Author's Response: Yes, it would be no meek and docile little thing for him! He needed someone to really shake up his world.

wytchkat 2005.06.03 - 02:27AM 18: A Would-Be Demand For Justice Signed
hold on-where was he stabbed-i missed that.why is snape such a doubting thomas?i mean lucius wouldn't have bothered with the look a like spell,if he was summoned,it doesn't make sense,unless she did do it unknowingly because her subconsience wanted it over with-ok too much analizing.good chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! Things will become more clear to the readers when they become more clear to Snape!

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