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Reviews for The Conference

cjmccoy88 2007.05.02 - 03:41AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
I love this story. You did a wonderful job. Of course there were some of the obvious plot turns, but it still ended in a very satisfying manner. Brava!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) -Mel

akinaria 2007.04.22 - 09:03PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
This was good - you held the tension well and it did not go too fast! A few errors but the only real quibble is Titanic! I am a female Severus and believe me - it IS possible to thaw the iceberg a little but there is not enough love in the entire world to make a romantically sour git allow "Titanic" anywhere near their life without a vitriolic bout of venom! I love my husband and danced a vaguely romantic number or two BUT I left the room at a mates wedding when the "Titanic" theme came on! There is no version of Severus that can carry such an allowance off!

firefly124 2006.09.15 - 12:55AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
Very enjoyable!

Author's Response: Thanks! -Mel

LunaSnape 2006.05.06 - 02:52PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
*tear* wow that was a GREAT story. I loved it. I'm sorry i wasn't there at the begining but i'm glad I read it. I'm going to start reading your other fic now-though it will probly take some time. *hee* I realy enjoy your style. It make the reader feel what the character is...ok I'll shut up now...I tend to ramble. *****Great Job *LS*

Author's Response: Don't worry, you weren't rambling. Just boosting my ego. ;) Thanks so so so so so so much! I feel so ... ego-boosted now. :p -Mel

phoenix 2005.08.05 - 12:09PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
Well done. I like how you mixed the humor in with the trials and tribulations. Good job not making it too easy and I like how it took a potion gone awry to get them together. I just have to ask, what's in the water at Hogwarts? LOL

Author's Response: Can't have anything without a shot of humor! I find it impossible. Many, many, many thanks. (You ask? Well then, I'll tell you. *ahem* SEVERUS SNAPE'S SPECIAL HAIR CURLING SHAMPOO! GETS RID OF EXCESS OIL, DANDRUFF, AND EXCESSIVE STRAIGHTNESS! NOW ONLY THREE SICKLES A BOTTLE! Lol.) -Mel

MarieMcGonagall 2005.07.20 - 05:02AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
Very good story.Very interesting and realistic,or at least according to me. I enjoyed it from beginning till end.I actually stayed up till after midnight to finish it when I had to get up at 7 in the morning.Anyway.Keep up the good work. I would looove to read anything you write about Mara,Severus and little Cassandra.It'll be great.Looking forward to it.Best wishes and don't despair over lack of reviews.I guess most people are just too lazy.It doesn't mean your story's bad.Because it's great.:)

Author's Response: *gapes* Go get some sleep! And some coffee wouldn't be amiss either. I'm so glad you think so and I'm so happy you've reviewed! Once I finish my trilogy "To Travel Through Time", I'll go back to the short stories. The way to get rid of little Michael or Gary or whatever his name is, is the hard part. Thank you so much, Marie! -Mel

Ali1124 2005.05.05 - 12:50PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Anonymous
WONDERFUL ENDING!!! I've been waiting for that! Thank you for finishing it!! Please keep writing your my favorite author!! (Well... next to J.K. of course...) :0)

Author's Response: *gasp* Thank you! I'm amazed. I'm so glad you loved it! Stay tuned for more! -Mel

Black_lust_z 2005.05.05 - 01:13AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
*Noooo...starts crying like a buffoon and flings herself across the keyboard* I can't believe it’s the end. About the ‘short Mara/Snape/Cassandra stories’ do I even need to answer that question, *nod's head enthusiastically*. And I saw you had a fic - To Travel Through Time: Part One: Chronos Taxiclevo Filtro, if I have some more time later tonight then I’ll take a look at it. I’m so glad that I came along for the ride so to speak, I really did thoroughly enjoy reading this fic…it helped me to forget I have an insane brother that is in desperate need of domestication. Which reminds me, I need more horse tranquilizers…they seemed to work on him last time…*looks away from the screen, with an odd look in her eye* Any who...I’ll make sure to stay in contact as I really like you story writing style. And I plan to post some fic’s in the future at some point so I might come and bug you with some questions when loading stuff up…is that cool??? *~Luv Loz, mwa!~*

Author's Response: Don't worry about it, it's coming soon! I've already handed in the prologue, which was intended for laughter. Enjoy everything you read from now on. (Try Tylenol with horse tranquilizer. That usually works). I'm so glad you love my writing style and of course I read my reviewers stories! (It's a thing I have...) Enjoy everything and thanks for everything! -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.05.04 - 01:55PM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
I loved reading your story. I enjoy your writing and that is why I keep asking for longer chapters. Keep it in mind when you write your next story.

Author's Response: ;) Lots of stories. In one collection. I've got the prologue... Thank you for everything, Trickie Woo. You've been part of the wonderful audience! -Mel

Grey_Eminence 2005.05.04 - 07:44AM 36: Epilogue: Ten Years Later Signed
... I can't believe it's over... Though I have to say I enjoyed it greatly, love the fact they have a daughter and certainly am waiting for the promised "nice collection... of short Mara/Snape/Cassandra stories"! THANK YOU! (I would count it, but due to my profound quality of counting probably couldn't bear the humilitaion of getting it wrong... ;) - which I certainly would!!!) P.S: Thanx greatly for the entertainment! :)

Author's Response: Lol. Knowing that I have my wonderful reviewers and critics here, of course I shall post. Thanks for everything you've done! -Mel

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