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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

greenwood 2005.04.26 - 10:59PM 3: 42. Night Journeys Anonymous
Well..well...well...this storm of a story is spinning tighter than an ice skater on fresh ice! It is just too conincindental that Karkaroff seems to have such bad luck in selecting his hiding places! His obvious interest in Aurellia seems a bit too much too....I seem to remember that old Voldie has the same interest (conincidence - I don't think so). Poor Severus...I can't help but think your title for PartIII is a sad one since it almost implies that Severus will die or Aurellia (or both) before anything could come of Severus' "finding the love of his life". You had me in tears again at the end of this chapter. Poor guy. Imagine the love of your life wishing you death by the most hated evil thing on the earth. How desparing and sad. I really like how you have the bond between them giving her hints as to where he is. You just know that she really loves him deep down in side. And you know she never heard the first half of his confession to the prats about his childhood and why he became a death eater. I was almost hoping she would find the smashed sanoro ball (sp?) and put it together and hear the whole tale. But alas that was not to be. I guess it will be a long and hard road for Aurellia to find forgiveness in her heart for him.. 10++++ (again!)

wytchkat 2005.04.26 - 09:15PM 3: 42. Night Journeys Signed
the suspense is killing me!nice update-great story!

LariLee 2005.04.26 - 08:41PM 3: 42. Night Journeys Signed
Okay, deep calming breaths... he is alive. There is still hope. Though I don't have that much hope for Moody. I need more. I really do. Igor is just... slime. Seems like the Dork Lard has a spy back in place. And I'm so worried for Ari and Severus. I'll be waiting, hitting my refresh key... did I mention waiting?

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