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Reviews for The Conference

Grey_Eminence 2005.04.27 - 02:26PM 31: Dancing in the Snow Signed
Ahhhh, so sweet... I can imagine Snape in a romantic mood, though not really in a public place... However it seemed to flow so naturally in your story - I might reconsider the lengths and deeps of my imagination... As for the language, it's Slovak(I also speak German, but prefer english...). 10 points to your house if you can find Slovakia on the map... (try Central Europe ;)) Oh, and what's this thing about Mara endangering the wedding? Do you want me to collapse from brain overheating as I try to figure out whatit may be? Update, update, update SOON!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad! It is sweet, isn't it? Not totally Snape-ish, but fun. Like Trickie Woo says: it's a creative exercise. (I say that too *snigger* You should see their faces when I do). I know where Slovakia is! Under Poland! Very nice. German, Slovak, and English. I speak English, Spanish, some Italian, and some French. I'm working on the Italian right now. (I also know Latin but it's incredibly rusty.) NO, I don't want you to collapse, but nor do I want you to endanger your family. So yes, I've updated. -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.04.27 - 01:42PM 31: Dancing in the Snow Signed
How nice to see a sweet and tender Snape. I don't care if it's out of character, it suits the story. It makes me angry when I see reviewers coplain that Snape is out of character, each story belongs to it's author and they can do what they want with each character. If I don't like it I can stop reading it, I'm more interested in the plot and content and how it's played out. Fan fiction is an exercise in creative writing and that is exactly what you have done, and I have enjoyed it despite the shortness of some of the chapters. The snow dancing was very romantic. I loved Snape showing her affection in public and cheering her on when she skated. I love to watch figure skating too. I like the spins best of all. Watching Kristi Yamaguchi, or Nancy Kerrigan, or Dorothy Hammel, or Michele Kwan doing a spin is watching the human form at it's most beautiful

Author's Response: *celebrates* I'm so glad you liked it! It sometimes makes me worried about posting an out of character Snape (or any other character) but I like doing it and morphing them. (Most of the time though, I try to keep them in character.) My friends and family as me why I write this. I always tell them as a creative exercise, as a way to make friends (how lame), and I write it when I'm procrastinating. Figure skating -- Michelle Kwan! Yes! I love figure skating! I love it! Can't wait till 2006 Winter Olympics. Where's it being held again? Canada? Thanks! -Mel

Black_lust_z 2005.04.27 - 01:31PM 31: Dancing in the Snow Signed
*Crowd goes wild for Mara* I'm pleased that she gathered the courage to go back onto the ice, and it was lovely to see Severus standing by her side so to speak during it. *Starts contemplating how somebody could stand by another person whilst the later said person is ice skating....I reckon Severus secretly wears rollerblades, it would explain how he moves so silently and quickly...hehe can you image buying tickets for a show called ‘Snape On Ice’ lol* Sorry got a bit side tracked there...(Snape On Ice, hehe). Thanks again for the update, keep up the great work! *~Luv Loz, mwa!~* P.S. Here in Melbourne it’s now 3:30 am, I’m trying very, very hard not to laugh too loud as everyone is sound asleep… ‘Snape On Ice’ HAHAHAHA. I know its lame but let me indulge.

Author's Response: You're welcome! I thought I ought to budge her out there. It's December, the birds are hibernating, the sun is melting the snow, and the lake is frozen over. Take advantage! *snigger Snape on Ice? *laughs her ass off in the middle of an office* You shouldn't have done that. You really shouldn't have! Great, now everyone's looking at me weird. Thank you very much. -Mel

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