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Reviews for The Conference

Trickie Woo 2005.04.26 - 02:16AM 30: Love is not Love Signed
I just got back from vacation about 2 1/2 hrs. ago and have been catching up on my email and then my stories. I will forgive you this very short chapter since you finally got them to shag each other senseless, admit they loved each other, and in this one announced when there will be a wedding. You've made me happy for them. I would love to hear Alan Rickman reading that sonnet, his voice would put so much unsaid meaning into it.

Author's Response: I hope you had a great vacation! The next chapters are just for fun. I could have ended here but it didn't sound... right. So, you're in luck. You have five more chapters to enjoy! Tell me about it. It was his voice that made me think about putting it in, but instead of Snape, Remus. *sighs* It sounded great, getting the cousins to reconcile. One month for a wedding. *giddy laughter* -Mel

Grey_Eminence 2005.04.24 - 02:59PM 30: Love is not Love Signed
Short - but at least I widened my horizonts with Shakespeare in english - I must say, I only read it in my language... Seems you inspired me to read it in english... So, like, when's the next update? Is Severus going to wear black? (I KNOW, my questions can be stupid, I admit...)

Author's Response: Really? What's your language? English is my main one and Spanish is my second. Next update coming soon! Is Severus going to wear black? Did you really just ask me that? I dare you to guess. -Mel

Black_lust_z 2005.04.24 - 10:24AM 30: Love is not Love Signed
Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed it. And I'm glad that Mara and Severus have found common ground, and that Remus wants to be involved with their wedding plans...but can he and Hermione truly have it all organised in a month??? And the slip of Shakespeare in this chapter was the icing of the cake. To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead. ~Bertrand Russell. Untill next time…*~Luv Loz, mwa!~*

Author's Response: All I have to go with right now is the fact that it's magic. *snort* Ignore that one tiny mistake. My timeline got the better of me. I'm glad you liked the Shakespeare. It's my favorite sonnet. That quote is one that I definitely believe it. Beautiful, thanks for sharing! -Mel

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