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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

NoxSomnium 2006.06.17 - 09:23PM 2: 41. Behind Closed Doors Signed
Okay, now I'm going to strangle Ron. Emotional capacity of an egg cup indeed.

LariLee 2005.04.26 - 04:47AM 2: 41. Behind Closed Doors Signed
Where is my Snape? You haven't hurt my Snape, have you?
Another excellent chapter. Ari is hurting so badly, pain of betrayal and pain of betraying. Harry's conscience is flaring up, or is it simply self-preservation? (Sorry, I'm mad at Harry). This is one of the few times I've actually liked Moody. And Voldemort sucks. Staking Snape out? I need more! I am addicted and I need more! We've got to rescue Snape! Have I mentioned I hate stories for Snape dies? And rereading some chapters, Ari is not going to do the High-Elf-her-in-the-middle shield spell like the one they discussed? I like her too much for that. Now I have to sit and wait some more. Police say you were at your computer writing at the moment -- lie to me if you have to!

Author's Response: You'll see Snape in the next chapter, which is in the que as we speak. I probably should warn you now, some chapters in this are going to be painful to read; they will have warnings. I don't blame you in the least for being mad at Harry, and his reactions are a combo of both, I think. In a few chapters, though, he's going to see first-hand the results of his actions. Unfortunatly, it's going to be in one of those painful chapters I told you about. Actually, all of the culprits will start to see the results of their actions within the next couple chapters. High-elf-in-the middle shield spell? Errrr, not exactly sure what you mean by that (mind you, it's fairly early, and I'm NOT a morning person). I can almost guarantee, though, the answer will be "no."

greenwood 2005.04.25 - 10:55PM 2: 41. Behind Closed Doors Signed
Again, wonderful chapter! You are building up slowly and carfully to some huge event. I can tell. We are at what I call the "catching your breath and reflecting" stage of an event string. The air is calm and everything is tired and wet as we enter the eye of the hurricane but I am sure we will be hit full blast with the gale force of the winds on the other side as we pass back into the storys storm! I can't wait!! Bring it on!

cardigrl 2005.04.25 - 07:29PM 2: 41. Behind Closed Doors Anonymous
Well written as always. Unfortunately, the plot seems less well considered. Are we really supposed to think that the 4 students in question could do all they did in Part II and their only "punishment" is that they are soooo upset that Gryffindor comes in second in the latest contest and Jasmine gets into an argument with Malfoy? And it's just not feasible that Dumbledore would let it go at that. Certainly, you did a good job explaining why they could not be expelled, but the school has plenty of other options. If you are trying to support the case that Snape is not valued by Dumbledore and the Order, this would all fit. But then none of Dumbledore's statements would fit, and he has no reason to act caring about Snape with him gone. I am really puzzled by your choices here. Admittedly, punishment often depends primarily on who you are and know, rather than what you did. But even Harry Potter would have some tangible consequences for kidnapping and force-feeding a controlled substance to one of his teachers. And your Dumbledore appears totally impotent, certainly not the powerful wizard JKR shows us.

Author's Response: Dumbledore is more fallible in Grudge Match than canon, that, I agree. But he knows what he is doing here. One, we've covered the expulsion. Suspension? Same problem with expulsion. Detentions until the end of term? Tongues would wag. Remember, people were already suspicious of DD's cover story regarding Snape; Black, Moody and McGonagall were the only ones to outright ask about it. As for the reactions to the workshop, remember: the students hatched their plot on Thursday evening. The workshop is Saturday. They are still in shock. Also, you will eventually see their friendship break apart as they are forced to confront what they have done. Harry will continue to have nightmares, and he will have a very unsettling vision, which will bring home the magnitude of what he has done. Remember in Part II, when Jaspine brags about blackmailing Malfoy? That's going to come back to haunt her. Let's just say for now, Snape leaves a huge power vacuum in House Slytherin, and she will wind up regreting that. Shortly, Hermione is going to get a letter which will bring home what she did to her, and to a lesser extent, Ron. Ron will probably the last to "get it," or, the last to ADMIT it. But he will.

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