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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

soccermom 2007.10.12 - 03:06PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
I recently found your story and started reading it. I love it and am anxiously awaiting your next update. Please hurry!!!

Suz 2007.09.06 - 01:24PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
Hey, I just love this...but it's not finished (oh gasp!) and I'm so afraid for Snape. I hope in your story he survives. I am addicted to your story! Please finish it so we all can have closure on Snape and his lady love. The only thing that really bothered me was the torture scene and that he ate his poor owl, (snif) Oh do finish your story soon! Pleaszzzzzze

Kristal River 2007.06.18 - 07:52PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
I just finished reading Part II and am addicted to this story. Finding out that Part III is still incomplete concerns me. What if I finish reading what is posted before you have a chance to finish the tale? Please do your best to continue with this story as quickly as possible. If you don't finish before I catch up, I guess I'll have to make myself content with Book 7 - that should keep me busy for a few days. Again, thanks for a great story. (Now get back to writing!!!)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! No, we have not abandoned the story. Still tweaking the next couple chapters. We realized, too, that between Lumos, the event in Toronto, the movie and Deathly Hallows, things would be slow in the fanfic world. But we are still writing!

LariLee 2005.04.26 - 08:53AM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
Ahem... when you say "planned sequel", you mean there will be a part four? So you won't kill Snape off in this one or Ari! That really worries me, the possibility that you could kill them off. This has to be one of my favorite stories and I like Ari... nearly as well as I like Tricia (and you have no idea how hard that is for me to say).
~Lisa, President of Save Our Snape

Author's Response: Wow, now that is high praise, because Tricia is cool! No, there won't be a part 4 in this story. Part III is the third and final part in Grudge Match. The sequal is a completely separate story we are tentatively calling "Harry Potter and the Ancient Light." Again tentitively, this one will be four parts. My co-author and I have a few things written already, but no outline. Just a general idea with how the story will end. Save Our Snape? Oh my -- I wonder if I ought to consider that move to New Mexico after all....

greenwood 2005.04.25 - 09:01PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
Bravo, Bravo! Well done start for Part III. We are all left to wonder what fate has befallen Severus but we know what is in the hearts of our other dear characters. I wonder what Draco knows....humm....and Kirkaroff's request is too convenient. Mystery already brewing and beginning to overshadow the sarrow felt from the beginning.. You sure know how to move the reader from one emotion to another with grace!

Author's Response: Thank you! You'll still see examples of sorrow, as everything starts to sink in. Draco knows a lot; what's more, he knows what it will mean to him. From now on, you are going to see ... ah, but that would be telling. Yes, Karkaroff's timing is extremely convenient, no?

Silverthreads 2005.04.24 - 12:38PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
Oh excellent wordweaving! This story moves with exciting grace!

wytchkat 2005.04.24 - 05:06AM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
eeeeekkkkk! what have you done with snape?ok-i'm rounding up the posse-come out with another chapter-with answers-or we'll come looking for you.good story.

Author's Response: Sure, come on over, I live in ... New Mexico ... yeah, right, New Mexicon ;) I have another chappie in the que as we speak, and as soon as that one is validated, I plan to submit the third chapter. After that, I aim to have a new chapter up once a week. As I explained before, on a more serious note, I do crave your patience and pardon if there is a delay at times. Parts I and II were completed before posting them here, so I was able to update very regularly. Part III is still somewhat in process. Thanks for reviewing!

LariLee 2005.04.24 - 03:26AM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
Oh my! There is still no word if Snape is alive. I understand Dumbledore's reasoning, but the four students need some sort of punishment besides their conscience. And Malfoy deserves punishment just because he's a Malfoy. :-) I do not trust Karkaroff and the timing is too convenient. I shall be haunting the site for your next update!

Author's Response: You'll fin out soon(ish) enough about Snape. Yeah, the students do, poor Dumbledore is in a bind. Trust me on this one, though: their conscience -- and coming events -- will be enough. Bit by bit, they will see the consequences, and it won't be pretty. Harry, especially, will see all too well what his actions have done. I agree with Malfoy >:) Alas, his commupance will be a very long time in coming yet -- the planned sequal, to be precise.

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