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Reviews for The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match - Part III: Farewell

SevereWrath 2008.07.02 - 10:16PM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
This is an amazing story. One of the best Snape stories I've read. You ("you" being plural here, as I understand it) write the Death Eaters very, very, very well. I've read different approaches that were good, but you write JK Rowling's Lord Voldemort & the Death Eaters better than JK Rowling does. Good plotting too, although my one comment would be that I don't really understand the Black Cauldron diversion. Well written and interesting, but possibly would have made a better independent story with just the details thrown in here. It's distracted from the plot, most noticeably from the suspense of Snape being captured. The rest of it though - particularly the onroaching Darkness from the Death Eaters, how the Order and so on responds - is amazing. You've added a depth to Rowling's world that she never managed to, even while keeping within the vast majority of her characterizations. Aurellia Deveroux is a great character, and you've written the whole thing - her interactions with Snape, particularly the romance - exceptionally beautifully, such that the audience knew only as much as either character. Which, given the emotional quality of both of them, is saying something. I'm very sad to hear that this story, most likely, will not be finished. It's a shame to leave a gem like this so close to perfection. But: Real Life comes first. Thank you for enriching the world a little bit more, and I hope you've enjoyed writing thus far. Best wishes; - SevereWrath

celestialrain 2008.05.06 - 05:28AM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
I have enjoyed this story. It was really different, but interesting, too. I'm sorry to see that you have chosen to abandon it. Maybe you could finish it up in one or two chapters and call it good!? Please? Or at least give us some idea in a review comment of how you envisioned this story ending. Also, if it isn't going to be finished you ought to either pull it or remove it from the list of completed stories. The first two parts are listed as complete, but since they are cliffhangers, they aren't really complete. Put them all together into one story and give it an ending. Doesn't really matter if it has been several years or the books went in a different direction. The story is AU anyway. Lots of stories are AU. They are still good stories and deserve an ending. Aside from all that, I think you write really well and I've liked the story.

Pigwidgeon 2008.03.18 - 12:39AM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
Note from the author: This is something I never thought I would write. The Great Snape-Deveroux Grudge Match, in all likelyhood, will not be finished. That is painful to say. This story was started more than a year before OoTP came out by my best friend and I, and involved a lot of work, outlining and thought. I know several people -- at least at one time --have been following this story, and I hate to leave things as they are. But real life issues have hit us both hard, and things are unlikely to improve anytime soon. To those who have been following this, I am terribly, terribly sorry. Even a year ago, I never dreamed of not finishing Grudge Match, and neither did my co-author. I appreciate the questions and feedback left for us on Grudge Match. In my case, at least, I think I have improved as a writer. May better times smile on us all. -- Pigwidgeon

KessaSnape 2008.03.15 - 12:38PM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
I really hope you didn't abandon this story, because it is one of my favorites!

sevylicious 2008.02.09 - 01:27PM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
hey! firstly let me commend you on a really brilliant fic. i have read loads (probally too many) fics with a snape/oc depiction and yours is invariably one of the most unique and interesting. I have to disagree with those flamin reviews on account that this is FAN fic for a reason, where the plot of a fic is what an author decides to make of it. Constructive criticism is one thing, but if you just dont like the way the plot turns, simply read something thats more predictable. Having said that, I am interested in seeing more of Snape and given the date of your last post ,I have to wonder whether this fic is still active or on hiatus (I'm loathe to think that it has been abandoned)..

Schattenengel 2007.12.12 - 11:19PM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
Pwease write more! If I don't find out what happens my head will esplode!

Isanisty 2007.11.18 - 03:55AM 21: 53c Here Be Dragons Signed
Please update. I'm hooked and absolutely need to know how they're going to get to Severus.

soccermom 2007.10.12 - 03:06PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
I recently found your story and started reading it. I love it and am anxiously awaiting your next update. Please hurry!!!

Suz 2007.09.06 - 01:24PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
Hey, I just love this...but it's not finished (oh gasp!) and I'm so afraid for Snape. I hope in your story he survives. I am addicted to your story! Please finish it so we all can have closure on Snape and his lady love. The only thing that really bothered me was the torture scene and that he ate his poor owl, (snif) Oh do finish your story soon! Pleaszzzzzze

Kristal River 2007.06.18 - 07:52PM 1: 40. Fallout Signed
I just finished reading Part II and am addicted to this story. Finding out that Part III is still incomplete concerns me. What if I finish reading what is posted before you have a chance to finish the tale? Please do your best to continue with this story as quickly as possible. If you don't finish before I catch up, I guess I'll have to make myself content with Book 7 - that should keep me busy for a few days. Again, thanks for a great story. (Now get back to writing!!!)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! No, we have not abandoned the story. Still tweaking the next couple chapters. We realized, too, that between Lumos, the event in Toronto, the movie and Deathly Hallows, things would be slow in the fanfic world. But we are still writing!

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