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Reviews for The Colchian Inheritance

snapeaddict 2005.07.18 - 03:58AM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
I want to wash your hair *sigh*....

Author's Response: mmmm, don't we all? severus in a bath...all at your tender mercies...mmm! thanks for reviewing!

wingz 2005.07.05 - 01:07PM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
Wondering what the significance of that "tiny crystalline teardrop" was?

Author's Response: No great significance as such, but it will be back in the third vision, it does have some power, but mahaut isn't fond of the thing, it's severus who is interested in it, Mahaut inly picked it up coz she was a bit out of it at the time. thanks for reviewing

snapeaddict 2005.06.01 - 01:44AM 1: White Roses, Pink Wine and Diamonds Signed
And here the second part of the trilogy ends, leaving me wanting to read more. Looking forward to the Third Vision.

Author's Response: at least i'm not going to leave you hanging around, second helpings coming roght up. you do like old farts and gardening, don't you? thanks for reviewing!

Seanna 2005.05.31 - 03:35PM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
Wow I never thought I'd hear Snape say 'Mwahahaha!', I though only movie villians could pull off that! Very nice ending, I particularly like the Minerva bit, I think It's always good when these kinds of story incoporate alot of the other characters instead of just focusing on Snape's relationships because then it can just get abit lost in lemons and not enough character development. Although I must say you're getting very skilled at the lemons! Keep up the good work. Only one complaint, you used the moth metaphor a few too many times, otherwise I have thoroughly enjoyed this part and look forward to the next. I cant really picture Mahaut being a couchy-coo mothery type, I wonder how that will work out then? I suppose I just have to read on...

Author's Response: sorry, petal, couldn't resist the mwahaha, but i thought he pulled it off, he was taking the piss, after all. ooh you'll make me blush talking about the lemons, i'm soo shy and retiring, don't you know. sorry about the moth metaphor thing, that a result of my longstanding obsession with jethro tull, the song moths is just one long extended metaphor for sex, and i've loved it since i was about 6, so it was a bit of a shock when i was 14 and finally figured out what the lyrics were about ( i was a slwo develooper, but i'm making up for it now, you can't tell, can you?) no, i casn't see Mahaut ever, ever saying coochy coo, but like you said you'll just have to wait and see, there will be a couple of flashbacks to when the kids were very young in the thrid vision. thanks for reviewing!

starshadow 2005.05.31 - 03:20PM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
Fab end to a fab story! Just the right amount of snogging and make-up sex. Thanks...

Author's Response: so glad to be of service, madam. it gives me endless satisfaction that the smut was acceptable! thanks for reviewing!

moonylj 2005.05.29 - 09:20AM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
Thanks for finishing this and great ending, although i still can't wait for the 3rd part! have to say i agree with severus that their children should know what Mahaut gave up for them....

Author's Response: As for what the chilren will eventaully get to know, well... the wording of Severus promise was quite specific, an he's not the only one that knows something, but you'll have to wait until at least 2/3 the way through the next part to fin out more, lets just say thier kids have inquiring minds. thanks for reveiwing!

Ali1124 2005.05.27 - 09:20AM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
GREAT STORY!!! Keep it going!

Author's Response: I've just submittd Chapter 1 of th thir vision, so I am kping it going, as per orders, boss! Thanks for reviwing

aramintasnape 2005.05.27 - 05:39AM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
Ah, a happy ending to this part :) I hope Mahaut won't find it too hard living without her powers though. I guess we'll find out in the sequel! Loved the setting at 'Chateau Celestia' with the elves and the portraits. Looking forward to the one-shot and the third part!

Author's Response: Gald you enjoyed it, you might get to see a bit more of chateau celstia in the third vision. just posted the 1st part of the one shot, which has turned into a 2 shot, but both can stand alone anyway. l'll post third vision on tueday, right now l have to go and prepare the catering for24 vikings to eat this weekend. thanks for reviewing!

June W 2005.05.27 - 04:29AM 10: Home, and Home Again Signed
you were born a witch, and nothing can ever change that - so she still has at least a few powers? Not completely a Squib? Sigh.... But if she hadn't come to the island at all, she would've kept her powers, and what would've happened to her kids then? I think she should tell her daughters about her decision, because if THEY continue with this rite, they should be warned of the kinds of decisions they too may need to make. Definitely the daughters should know how to bake cakes and have some moly flowers on hand! I am very glad Minerva was waiting for them. Umm... can I flush Medea now?

Author's Response: June, dear, you seem to have developed a rather unhealthy fixation with flushing prople down the toilet, perhaps you ought to invest in a whirlpool bath instead? Mahaut doen't need to tell her daughters, because the power is fied in their blood now, so their daughters will inherit it too, unless of course any of them are daft enought to lose thier powers too. l agree about the baking part though, everyone should learn to cook, that's imporatnt, especially learning how to male a decent chocolate cake! You'll have to wait and see about Mahaut's power in the next story, which i'll start to post when i get back from whitby on tuesday. thanks for reviewin!j

snapeaddict 2005.05.25 - 07:39AM 9: Sacrifice Signed
Little Piggy Severus is just adorable!! Even though I see the point that he is not really very good for lemons, I love him. *gives piggy Severus a good rub* ;-))

Author's Response: I'm sure l have a recipe somewhere for pork with lemons! hmmm! (contemplates what she can threaten the potions master with next) glad you like to rub piggy severus, but it's kind of an ambigous image to me, you see aristophanes uses "piglet" as a euphemism for female sexual organs so, err... better go now, thanks for reviewing!

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