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Reviews for The Knight Errant Chronicles

BVVid 2018.09.11 - 03:51AM 1: Lexicon Signed
I can absolutely see why this story won all those awards. It's excellent, and has kept me up till ungodly hours for days now, as I obsessively read through all 101 chapters. Wowee! You're an incredible writer, and my favorite think about all this is how believable, multifasceted, thought out and detailed your characters and your world are. I also LOVE how you snuck in bits from reality, right into it, including Snape looking like Trent the musician (which I literally googled, and lo and behold, he DOES look like him! wow!), and how you referenced your own story as being sold in the book stands. Severu's dry wit and all the repartee has been making me laugh so hard, too- a rare effect indeed, in this case. I made what peace I could, from the start regarding this being a W.I.P. and incomplete as of yet... but now the last posted chapter of this story has gotten reached here, and it breaks my heart that something SO good, must come to any end without conclusion or closure. So please, in the off chance you're reading this, and may be at all amendable to, please please write/post more of it!

cacklefruit 2015.12.20 - 09:16PM 101: Part Third: The Hart Subvertant, Chapter 53 Signed
I earnestly implore you from the depths of my heart, to keep writing. This story is so wonderful, so superbly written, that it completely captivates the reader and draws them into the world you have created. I can't count the number of times I have read this story avidly from beginning to end - on the off chance you still keep up to date with reviews, I wanted to offer you my heartfelt thanks for such an absorbing read, and I hope that you may revisit it and conclude the adventure whensoever is possible. Thanks <3

dracoseverusmmm 2014.01.25 - 11:04AM 101: Part Third: The Hart Subvertant, Chapter 53 Signed
Well, I've finally finished up to what you have written. For some reason, the last time I read it I'd stopped after Snape and Emily went to Snape Hall. I just cannot honestly say how much this story captivates me each time I have read it. Three times now, like the previous reviewer, it was on a purple website initially, then I realised it was here much longer and I read up to where I said I did before, and now. You've woven such an awesome fantasy world in an already fantasy world and I'm just so sad to see myself get to the end with not a chance of it being finished in sight. Honestly, I've been reading it every chance I get including on my phone at work even though I'm supposed to be working. More like, when work was annoying me, I'd be reading your story. Admittedly, there were several times where I'd just read a snippet here and there anyway. Very rarely do stories keep me so enthralled like yours has and it rates as one of the best stories I've read despite it being a fanfic. Probably because of the alternate reality of the storyline and that you've managed to weave the later books of Harry Potter around it. I really would have liked to finish reading this but it's testament to how good it is that I decided to read it again knowing full well that you have not completed it. I don't read Incomplete stories anymore unless I know the end is nigh. I do hope all goes well and that eventually you finish it. Perhaps I will try to find your original story either in a store or wherever you post it, if I know what it happens to be called.

dracoseverusmmm 2014.01.11 - 10:51PM 42: Part Second: The Hart Rampant: Chapter 30, Continued Signed
Now, I better review before I forget to, time and time again, wishing so much to just sink myself into this world and come out of it being taken off with the faeries too. I still regard this as one of the best fanfics I've read, especially given I've read several (probably in the hundreds at least, including one shots and epics). I forgot to review before at the reference to Trent Reznor. Yes, I fine choice for Snape to resemble, and I didn't pick up on the reference to him the last time I read this (actually last two times I read this; I read it the first time only getting up to here and then finally found it on Occlumency a few years back to miss the reference again). It was only because you mentioned Pretty Hate Machine that I realised Lord Trent was his first name, not his last, and that it was in fact Trent Reznor you were talking about. An extraordinarily talented man, I can very well see him as a Tithe page. Can you perhaps include Henry Rollins in that group too? That man is so intelligent that I seriously believe he could be one too. Anyway, I'm glad we're now on our way to getting Severus and Emily together; I think the last time I read it I got about 80 chapters in and ended up stopping but am looking forward to reading of his hangover and how he makes it up to her... :-)

dracoseverusmmm 2014.01.03 - 09:37PM 18: Part First: The Hart Assurgent: Chapter 16 Signed
Another line that sums up Severus so, so well... "Then I bloodied my knuckles punching the brick station wall." (Apologies; I'm sure it's not exactly that but you know the one I mean). It summed up his frustrations so well. Severus has never seemed to be the one who would rant and rave in the same situation but I can see him punching a wall. So very... human. I loved reading this chapter in particular the last time I read this story and I enjoyed it again. I have read Severus in many stories but Severus in this story is just perfect. I can so imagine him doing/saying/thinking all of this. I shall continue reading with pleasure... :-)

dracoseverusmmm 2014.01.03 - 10:31AM 15: Part First: The Hart Assurgent: Chapter 13 Signed
One line told it all... "You could have tried!" Yes, my heart broke reading that line that I didn't need to read the next one to know just how it felt to Severus. I am beyond belief at how well you have managed to write both Severus and Lucius in particular. So, so well, is there much else I can say? I don't know, probably not. I don't like leaving short reviews but I find myself thoroughly enjoying this story again, some years later. I know you haven't finished this which is why I find it intriguing that I'm reading it again - I normally avoid incomplete stories. I guess I never reviewed any of the chapters though, so here they are as I read it a second time. x

Starlanna 2013.02.17 - 06:46AM 101: Part Third: The Hart Subvertant, Chapter 53 Signed
Wow. I first read this somewhere else a few years ago--some purple coloured website or other with the heading ERISED. It's -much- longer here, so I thought perhaps she'd finished it as it surpassed what I'd read before. Really an enjoyable story, with memorable characters, and it fits rather seamlessly into the world as JKR wrote it. I only wish she'd had the time to finish it.

Maela 2012.02.27 - 12:18AM 101: Part Third: The Hart Subvertant, Chapter 53 Signed
Just thought I'd check in and see if you'd taken this up again. I know it's probably a long shot after so long. But it doesn't hurt to hope, right? Still one of my all time favorites. :)

darkmoonium 2011.10.28 - 02:24AM 54: Part Third: The Hart Subvertant: Prologue III Signed
I sometimes think that J.K. herself wrote this. I absolutely love this story. Though I've picked up on some holes and inconsistencies I have attributed them to the fact that The final books hadn't been published yet and the right to a creative license. =). I want this story in its entirety!

fifi89 2011.09.10 - 06:02PM 101: Part Third: The Hart Subvertant, Chapter 53 Signed
super story. Here is hoping for some black-eyed half-fairy babies before the end.... By the way, I'm Irish so I like to see the sprinkling of Irish in the old Arcadian....

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