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hot_stuff11 2013.12.14 - 11:52AM 3: Reunion and Remembrances Signed
Absolutely loved this!!!

Severus49 2011.04.06 - 11:21AM 2: Negotiations and Consummations Signed
I got a laugh out of it, but I also thought that if I were Snape all the playfulness would get me out of the mood quickly! He's got more patience than I would.

MiaR 2011.03.20 - 07:20AM 1: Tonks Extends an Invitation Signed
Ahahaha.. I'm loving the story so far! Old Snapey is a complex guy 8-)

Remarkable 2010.08.23 - 03:47PM 3: Reunion and Remembrances Signed
I enjoyed this story. Well done, and maybe will inspire a bit of a spinoff for myself in the near future. I never considered Tonks with Snape. It is a tantalizing and well done combo on your part!

saraband16 2010.05.26 - 02:33AM 2: Negotiations and Consummations Signed
I loved the bit with the cuff links...that was too funny and sexy!! I can so see Tonks annoying the hell out of Snape like that!! Good job!

RosieLil 2009.04.24 - 06:11PM 3: Reunion and Remembrances Signed
Very good story. I really liked the way you wrote both Snape and Tonks. They were quite believable. Although, I think that Bellatrix is Tonks' aunt not her cousin, but I may be wrong. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your story and can't wait for more.

Wayward Fool 2008.04.14 - 02:45AM 3: Reunion and Remembrances Signed
I definitely liked the extra scenes found in this version of the story, wonderfully written!

EverMystique 2008.04.05 - 03:40PM 3: Reunion and Remembrances Signed
Never apologize for leaving your readers wanting more. It's not a downfall; It's all part and parcel of a talented storyteller. If you wrap everything up neat and tidy, it tends to sound forced. This tale was nicely written with a strong grasp of grammar. The plot-line remained feasible, even though readers of the series know Tonks travels a different road later on.

i3luebyrd 2007.10.21 - 01:45AM 2: Negotiations and Consummations Signed
Very amusing. I think you got Snape's character right on. I also liked the fact that he didn't ask her to change into some random fantasy girl and he wanted her just as she was.

Nadrek 2007.08.22 - 10:30PM 3: Reunion and Remembrances Signed
Very nicely done, indeed. I'm glad to see some time spent on their relationship, and Nymphadora didn't show why she reacted the way she did to the jewelry box. I'd be curious to see if Severus gives her some pointers on staying alive and uninjured, in addition to even more fun and interesting sex. Likewise, Umbridge is gone, which should allow them to arrange regular meetings.

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