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Reviews for The Conference

colmka 2005.11.28 - 07:27PM 26: The Woman that Saw My Aura Signed
on a quick note in regards to artemis the virgin huntress. The title virgin comes from an old meaning, that of "belonging to no man" not as in chastity having no sex. by the way loving the tale.

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm glad you're enjoying. I actually did know that, as I am a mythology freak, but I decided to have another (rather flimsy) reason as to her virginity. Thank you, though! I hope you enjoy the rest. -Mel

niklars 2005.04.15 - 03:41PM 26: The Woman that Saw My Aura Signed
Keep up the good work...as always, looking forward to your updates.

Author's Response: Ooh, thank you so much! Hope you enjoy the next few! -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.04.13 - 01:22PM 26: The Woman that Saw My Aura Signed
The ice skating came from out of left field for me, I don't remember seeing anything about it in the story before. I'm reading another story where the heroine was a figure skater in the past and that figures into the plot, so maybe I have them mixed up. But if this was the first time you mentioned skating, how did Snape know about it? I would imagine that Artemis was the least desirable house to be sorted to in her school, maybe her schoolmates called them the Vestal Virgins. I'm wondering about using Judas since it comes from Christianity, but I can't think of another betrayer or traitor from mythology, wait a minute, one just came to mind, Mordred, the son of Arthur and his 1/2 sister Morgause. He was a Slytherin type in the worst sense, very much like Lucius Malfoy. Chapter 27 is the next chapter, it better be a long, long one if she is going to finish the potion, get her sight back, see Snape in all his naked glory, lose her virginity, and get shagged senseless.

Author's Response: Actually, the ice skating idea was mentioned in Chapter Eight: Secrets. To catch up with the story, you may want to reread that chapter. Don't let me lose you! Chapter Eight explains how Snape knew! That was what I was thinking actually! There was Mordred, but for some reason, I liked Judas better. It seemed (to me anyway) to give more impact... She will do all of that... well...4 out of 5 ain't bad. *winks* -Mel

Grey_Eminence 2005.04.13 - 11:58AM 26: The Woman that Saw My Aura Signed
So, now we know why she doesn't ice skate anymore... I liked the part about bribing Hermione and the Mad-Eye Moody complex... Interesting. And I daresay I am very much looking forward to the next chapter (not only 'cause I remember something said about Ch. no 27...), but the "I'll see you in my dungeons" is a sentence worth to die for (when Snape is the one saying it...) ;) Go Mara!!! (I just hope she doesn't fall and break her leg along the way or something...) I can't wait for the next update!!!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the... ahem, LEAD IN? *snigger* She won't, believe me. I'm not that stupid. *sings for joy* I'm finally at the peak! -Mel

Black_lust_z 2005.04.13 - 11:53AM 26: The Woman that Saw My Aura Signed
Great chapter, and noI'm not going to 'flame' you for blinding Mara. I'm rather intrigued as to how this will shape future chapters...thanks for the update, I really enjoyed this chapter. *~Luv Loz, mwa!~*

Author's Response: Whew! Thank you! If you liked this one... *smirk* Wait for the next one. -Mel

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