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Reviews for Crimson & Clover

cabepfir 2005.12.12 - 05:06AM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
This is a very, very evocative one-shot. I could have this strong image in my mind of Severus waiting among the plants, and gazing silently at Lily. Compliments.

siriusblkfan4lif 2005.10.09 - 10:47PM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
this is nice ^_^ i love it!

Calista_Disanthos 2005.06.07 - 10:09PM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
P.S. This is definately one of the best PWP's I've ever read. Congrats.

Calista_Disanthos 2005.06.07 - 10:07PM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
Crimson and Clover the song, perhaps? Originally by Simon and Garfunkle if I'm not mistaken, but a more recent cover was done by Joan Jett, the version I know. Good story, nice imagery!

Beulah_Page 2005.04.25 - 12:39AM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
A very appropriate title. It seems like she knows she can't give him much but that this will help him immesurably. Very well written - I wouldn't have known English wasn't your first language if I hadn't read your profile!

Author's Response: I wanted to give him just a _little_ bit of hope. Who knows? It may come in handy in later years. Just one moment of simplicity and beauty.

Bilingualism isn't unusual where I am from. Hell, most people are trilingual - I am a total loser for only speaking two languages.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Beulah. I'm afraid you have almost exhausted my current compliment of fics! I shall have to write faster, methinks. Keep an eye on my LJ for more. :)

aerynfire 2005.04.13 - 04:55PM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
Wow...this was really wonderful. In so few words, you captured quite tragic sense of love and that one perfect moment combined the cold reality of life. *Sniff* Excellent piece. ~Aeryn

Author's Response: Thank you very much for reading and reviewing. I guess I wanted one true moment of beauty for him.

LariLee 2005.04.12 - 08:54AM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
This is so picturesque! I'm probably wrong, but are you talking about "Crimson and Clover"? If so, I think that was released in 1969.

Author's Response: 10points to your House and 5 bonuspoints too. :) I am not sure whether it was 1968 or 1969, but either way, it is close enough.

I hope I painted a pretty, albeit sad, picture for your delectation, Lisa. Thanks for reviewing! :)

phoenix 2005.04.12 - 02:27AM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
Very nice PWP piece. Always makes you wonder "what if?" when someone writes something like this.

Author's Response: "What if?" indeed. Seems that life is riddled with those little crossroads. :) Thanks for reviewing again, phoenix!

June W 2005.04.11 - 08:41PM 1: Crimson & Clover Signed
Oh, so sad ... 'cuz you know he's not going to end up with her, and she's going to end up with that mean bully James Potter. As for inspiration, it can't be something as obvious as the old Tommy James song "Crimson and Clover":
Ah, now I don't hardly know her / But I think I could love her / Crimson and clover. / Ah, when she comes walking over / Now I've been waitin' to show her / Crimson and clover over and over.

Author's Response: 10 points to your House. :)

I wanted it to be sad, I am glad(??) I succeeded. Thanks for reviewing, June!

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