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Reviews for The Conference

Grey_Eminence 2005.04.09 - 07:25AM 23: The Drunkard's Hymn Signed
... well, can't say I don't know how she feels... Funnily enough, my subconciousness also at times happens to say that blasted sentence (I'm your subconsciousness, ............. . Drinking is only going to make it worse.). Well, having said that, I think this was a very realistic description of a proper love/mysery thing... Nice!

Author's Response: I love writing drunk scenes with inner voices. Only experienced it once (and with rather bad beer... or something like it, I forget) and it stuck in my head, believe me. I'm glad you liked it! -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.04.08 - 05:29PM 23: The Drunkard's Hymn Signed
His teeth biting down..., ouch, that's graphic and it hurts imaginig it. Her conscience's inner voice is really something, but it is still a poor substitute for Snape. I wonder if it could tell me why she's still a virgin at 39. You'd better come through on Chapter or I'll write it myself, and I warn you I am the worst fiction writer ever born. I still want longer chapters.

Author's Response: Don't you just love it? Poor substitute, but still lewd and graphic... think modern Mercutio! It probably could. But it won't. Please don't touch my fanfiction. I'll be good and hurry up! -Mel P.S. No offence meant, lol.

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