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Reviews for The Potions Master's Buttons

severus_slave 2012.07.31 - 04:27PM 6: Conflicts, Lies, and Deceit Signed
You have me hooked to this story! Now I'm dying to know what the Fudge needs that shiny black button. Oh sooooo many buttons!!! Love this!

star_girl 2008.08.16 - 03:40PM 6: Conflicts, Lies, and Deceit Signed
Discovered this by accident and I'm intrigued! Please continue!

periwinkle 2007.04.01 - 12:18PM 6: Conflicts, Lies, and Deceit Anonymous
11-27-2006 04:59 Rated 10

Cool, I get to be the first to rate it!

I'm glad you were able to get back to this; this was a really interesting chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad to get back to this fic too. It's looking like I'm going to have a little more free time to devout to writing, again. :) I'm glad you like it so far. Beware, next chapter shall have an interesting twist. ;)

EvilBanshee 2006.09.13 - 12:56AM 5: Pussy Whipped Signed
Hey,I want to read the next chapter!Update,will you,darling?:D

Author's Response: I know, I know. I feel so bad that I have not been updating this story on a regular basis. My life has taken a dramatic change since I first started writing this fic. I am about 3/4s done with the next chapter but I have no free time to speak of at this moment. ARGH!! My time constraints should lighten up by the end of the year so please be patient. In the meantime, check out my other two stories. If you like the "hot" scenes in my "button" story, you should like my "Detention at Spinner's End". Thanks soooo much for leaving your thoughts. I appreciate it very much!

EvilBanshee 2006.09.13 - 12:45AM 4: The Gift Signed
Ah,she kissed his nose. That's really cute :D And that spanking part was so funny,hahah. What a lucky woman she is;)

Author's Response: Ah, to spank or not to spank, that was the question. After some thought, I went with that scene and am glad I did. I am so glad you are enjoying this fic.

EvilBanshee 2006.09.13 - 12:27AM 3: Surprise! Surprise! Signed
"As he said this, Severus reached Rosmerta and placed his hands against the wall, on either side of her head. He stared into her face and Rosmerta immediately became lost in the dark depths of his eyes." This was...*gulps*God,I love Severus:D I loved this chapter.

Author's Response: I know. Doesn't that just make you want to melt? I bet Rowling had no idea the impact that character would have on the female readers. I do hope he ends up being on the side of good, as so many of us suspect.

EvilBanshee 2006.09.13 - 12:13AM 2: The Lady in Waiting Signed
Awww,so cute. He spilled his drink 'cause of Rosmerta. :)

Author's Response: I like a vunerable man... don't you? Heh!

lethe 2005.11.30 - 05:11PM 5: Pussy Whipped Signed

Author's Response: LOL! I'm glad you like my fic. I'm working on it. I got a little distracted with my Detention at Spinner's End story, but I'll get back to Snape, Rosmerta and the buttons.

lethe 2005.11.30 - 04:30PM 2: The Lady in Waiting Signed
This is so sweet...

Author's Response:

lethe 2005.11.30 - 04:24PM 1: Classroom Antics Signed
Like it so far

Author's Response:

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