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Reviews for The Conference

Grey_Eminence 2005.04.05 - 10:30AM 21: A Lasting Effect Signed
If I liked it? Is that really a question? I doubt you posess the capacity to write something that I would not like! (in case you are wondering, that is a high rank compliment...) Though, just dreaming is never enough. Positivelly, definately and certainly not when it comes to Snape in action... - hell, I want more!!! When are you going to update? (I'm certain you know the answer I want to hear!!!). So, I imagine that their next meeting will be... interesting, shall we say? Oh, just have it done with and update - you know you want to, right? ;)

Author's Response: Wow. Really? Wow. I'm touched. I'm flattered. My head needs a pin! *pop!* Okay, semi-deflated now. I'm updating, I'm updating. Of course I want to -- I definitely don't want an angry you and an angry Trickie Woo on my back... plus all the other reviewers. *shudder* -Mel

Grey_Eminence 2005.04.03 - 04:06AM 21: A Lasting Effect Signed

Author's Response: LOL! That is the shortest and funniest review I have received in my entire life! Does that mean you liked it? ;) -Mel

niklars 2005.04.03 - 01:27AM 21: A Lasting Effect Signed
One word...okay, two...update. hurry. updateupdateupdatehurryhurryhurry!

Author's Response: Okay, okay. I take it you liked it then? Is it enough to keep you satisfied? Well, just hold your pants on... Thanks! ;) -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.04.02 - 03:32PM 21: A Lasting Effect Signed
Now that was totally unfair to Ravenclaw and not satisfying enough for me. At least they could have done the horizontal tango in their dreams. How much longer do we have to wait. Her biological clock is nearly into menopause and she's still a virgin, is she trying to replace the Virgin Mary? I'd rather be the other Mary, Mary Magdelene, in 'The Da'Vinci Code' she and Jesus were married and had children.

Author's Response: I felt like subtracting points. Haven't shown enough of that side of Snape. And I'm not surprised that it wasn't enough for you. You don't have to wait much longer, she will get laid before she reaches menopause I assure you, and no, she will not be a Virgin Mary clone. Just... wait... not that you can but just... wait... lol. Thanks, Trickie! -Mel

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