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Reviews for The Conference

niklars 2005.03.30 - 10:43AM 19: In the Name of Lust Signed
Teeheehee...a very amusing chapter. When she says to Severus, "Well... I've just experienced my first orgasm at the hands of a potion. Do I still qualify as a virgin?", does she mean her first EVER orgasm? At 39? Yikes! The poor lass...Severus really does need to remedy her condition soon ;).

Author's Response: Well... yes. Hey, my mom was a virgin until she turned... when did she marry Dad? Hm... I think... 30? I think 30, I'm not sure. No, wait! 33! Yes. Not like you needed that information, but just to show you where I got the idea. It's not a BAD thing... just disappointing. -Mel

Grey_Eminence 2005.03.30 - 05:53AM 19: In the Name of Lust Signed
The whole castle you say? Interesting... Pleasant chapter, I kind of feel sorry for Mara for trying so hard and messing it up all the time... The way this is going, will she be in a physical condition to do the potion? ;) I hope she gets it right very, very soon (for Snapes sake too)!

Author's Response: I should hope so! Well... maybe she'll be in good physical condition... *coughs* But I doubt it. *coughs* For all our sakes, I hope that something goes right! My characters are leading the story, not me! -Mel

Trickie Woo 2005.03.29 - 07:50PM 19: In the Name of Lust Signed
All right, come on already, when is Snape gonna get laid? How old is Mara? I think I remember you said she was about 39. Why is she still a virgin at that age? She's not ugly, nor is she nasty and bitchy like Snape is, and I'm sure he's not a virgin. What's her problem? And most important of all when is Sex god Snape going to appear in a nice loooooong chapter.

Author's Response: Snape is not a virgin. He'll get laid at some point. Yes, Mara is 39. I used my mother (and my grandmother too, now that I think of it) as a basis. And... I refuse to answer that question. (Soon, I promise, soon.) -Mel

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