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Reviews for Beyond the Grave and Back Again

capn kate 2005.03.31 - 10:52AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
Ha ha! This is swell. Definitely enjoyed a romp in the mind of he-who-is-not-(necessarily)-a-vampire. Too few folks write readable Snape humor. Thank you for being one of them!

Author's Response: Thank you for enjoying my fic :)

phoenix 2005.03.30 - 05:14PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
LOL I really enjoyed this one. That's a hilarious take on the Snape's a vampire theory. And you seemed to address all the salient points of being a vampire.

Author's Response: Thanks! I spent a lot of time in vampire!Snape discussions, and tried to remember all the points for this story.

Joyce 2005.03.30 - 09:15AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
nice one

Author's Response: Thank you!

greenwood 2005.03.30 - 02:09AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
Very well done! I like the leading them on approach! It will be interesting to see if Severus does indeed turn out to be a vampire or half vampire but I like your approach very much...so slytherin.

Author's Response: Personally, I don't think he is. This story grew out of many lengthy arguments I had with pro-vampire people in the cos forums.

zafania 2005.03.30 - 02:02AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Anonymous
wearing everything identical is such abloke thing isn't it? snape's not the only one who does it. i think he'd like the vampire thing too

LariLee 2005.03.29 - 09:23PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
It's very Snapish to keep encouraging the rumors. :-) Nicely done! I especially liked Every morning I get up and think, which robe am I going to wear? Oh yes, the black one.

Author's Response: Thanks, Lisa. When I first stumbled across the vampire!Snape theories, my first thought was, "He would like that." The robes thing was based on something I read about Einstein, who apparently had a closet full of identical suits so that he didn't have to waste any of his vast brainpower on thinking about what to wear.

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