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Reviews for Beyond the Grave and Back Again

journeymom 2005.12.06 - 06:01PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
"But he is my boss, and I've made bigger concessions to worse people." LOLOLOLOLOL *sniff* Ah, poor Snape. Yes, he has.

duj 2005.10.08 - 07:34AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
Some very astute observations here though I can't see canon-Snape thinking of Lupin as Moony. It doesn't go with the much more cogent line that the werewolf is "nice because he doesn't have enough backbone to stand up to people like me." My only real criticism however is that, as a story, it's a bit formless. It reads well as snippet of Snape-musings but it stops abruptly without really having gone anywhere.

Author's Response: When I wrote this fic about a year ago, I conceived Snape thinking of Lupin as "Moony" because I saw him as unconsciously feeling more benevolent towards Lupin than he would ever admit. This idea came to me because Lupin is unfailingly polite and respectful towards Snape, and Snape always makes the Wolfsbane properly for Lupin, when poisoning would be all too easy. This latter point was even brought up by Lupin in HBP. As far as the form of the story goes, it was born in the "Snape's Point of View" thread at cosforums, a place where canon scenes are re-written from Snape's point of view. You're right that it isn't quite a story; I suppose it's really a long drabble and if I were posting it today, I would have put it in that category. Anyway, this was my first fan-fic and it helped me to find "my" voice as Snape before attempting more ambitious fics. But thanks for your review. Your first point was actually brought up by the mods, and I had to address it with them before they would put up this story.

tisasil 2005.06.10 - 10:48AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Anonymous
Nicely done!

Zhaneraal 2005.06.05 - 04:14PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
::giggle:: I don't really think that Snape would truly go to those lengths to perpetuate such a silly rumor, but it's amusing nonetheless. As always, beautifully written.

Author's Response: Well, you never know. As a Slytherin, he might enjoy the deception. Thanks for the kudos.

Bill D. Door 2005.06.03 - 04:48PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Anonymous
But someday, it's bound to backfire. "Nobody agreed on exactly what happened that night. Some say that Longbottom had just gotten lost and ended up in Snape's stalking territory. Others claimed he was on a deliberate hunt - those would be others who did not know the boy very well. But regardless of why Longbottom and Snape encountered each other that night, it was clear that the boy had panicked. Why else would he try to impale Severus Snape with a toothpick?"

Author's Response: Wow, Bill! Nobody's ever written a short fic in response to one of my fics before. But...in your scenario, it still works out for Snape: just think of all the points he gets to take off Gryffindor.

cecelle1 2005.04.24 - 10:30PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
Very funny! And yes, I am sure anything that will serve to intimidate his students even further would be just fine with Snape!

Verity Brown 2005.04.10 - 06:18PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
ROFL! What a brilliant take on vampire!Snape. And I'm almost embarrassed to say so, but my favorite line is "when it's that time of the month." That's just so spot on with Snape attitude toward Lupin.

Author's Response: Thanks! I think Snape would be the master of the demeaning double-entendre.

Grainne 2005.04.02 - 08:31AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
A lovely little snippet of insight into a canon moment and a topic that, I must confess, I was utterly shocked to find being fought over with such conviction in the fandom. It had never occurred to me that Snape might be a vampire, but I think you're right--he might be perfectly happy to let people think so! This is very amusing, and I loved reading Snape's justifications of his teaching methods.

Author's Response: I was equally shocked to find myself drawn into the discussions. It had never occured to me, either, that he may be a vampire, and when I discovered all these people arguing so passionately in favour of it, my first response was basically, "Aw, c'mon. Get serious. Only humans can be endangered by werewolves, so he would have had nothing to fear from Lupin unless he were human." I would get these 2,000-word rebuttals invoking hundreds of years of (non-canon) vampire lore. Eventually I gave up because I got tired of it, and I don't have that much free time on my hands. These discussions continue, despite JKR's assertion last year that Snape had nothing to do with vampires. Anyway, this little satire was my last word on the subject, and I enjoyed making it as Snape-licious as I could. Thanks for your encouraging words.

AA Bella Figg 2005.04.01 - 09:27PM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
This was too funny!

Sigune 2005.03.31 - 11:39AM 1: Beyond the Grave and Back Again Signed
I read this at FA some time ago but (*beats breast*) shamefully neglected to review - it was in my early days as a fanfic reader and I was just too shy (*blush*). But I have very gladly re-read this excellent fic, and to tell the truth, it's even funnier than I remembered. First of all, it's a wonderful and witty chastisement of the Vampire!Snape enthousiasts (and say what you will: it's much more interesting if a *human* behaves like Snape does than if it's a vampire, for whom it'd be sort of natural); but second, literally every paragraph contains some astute observation that beautifully links up with canon, and it all makes ingenious sense. The ironies are delightful and Snape's voice sounds true. The reading of Lupin comes as an interesting extra (though I have to confess I can't answer the Moony question :-) and Malfoy's interference is delicious (could we have more of that?). Well, I thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering this.

Author's Response: I have also gone back and reviewed fics that I admired when I was "lurking" on the fan-fic sites. So I can relate to being too shy to review. And thank you for seeing exactly what I set out to do; that is, (gently) chastise the Vampire!Snape people. This fic happened when I got tired of arguing with them. And the Moony thing? Basically, I'm trying to imply that Snape feels less malevolent towards Lupin than he realizes (not that I'm going to follow this with SS/RL slash, or anything like that). And thank you for the encouraging words.

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