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Reviews for Asylum Seeker

Isobel L 2011.09.04 - 09:45PM 1: Chapter 1 Introduction Signed
Has your muse returned? I came back to this site after 3 years just to see if you had posted a new chapter - love the story you created.

June W 2010.10.19 - 06:07AM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
(waves to your muse....)

June W 2010.04.09 - 02:37AM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
Just thinking.... yes, DH made clear his love of Lily but also his feelings of guilt, which I suspect could cloud his ability to see that he could love more than one person -- to see that his feelings of responsibility for Lily's death doesn't make him ineligible to love or be loved by others. Also, years of being Olivia's guardian would hinder him from seeing her in any romantic way. Being a Death Eater spy and Dumbledore's killer would keep him from having any romantic thoughts. After Voldy's death, Snape would need much healing -- from Olivia and Nanne -- for his physical as well as emotional ailments. Almost 20 years after Lily's death, it's possible Snape has confused guilt with love. And to be DH-compliant, what if Snape -- in the "train station" where Harry decided whether to return to life -- Snape had his own converation with "Dumbledore" (ior "Lily") and had to decide to return to life and Olivia? If Lily told him to let Olivia love him, he could do it. Frankly, that whole love-of-Lily thing was very undeveloped in DH, sort of like an afterthought -- "oops, gotta have a reason for Snape to do all this."

June W 2009.08.22 - 02:36AM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
(tries to emulate Nanne's best scowl) Write! That Segrassi git still needs killing. And Olivia needs her protector. And you need your Muse back. Would a tall dark Potions Master / spy / hero do the trick?

Author's Response: Sadly, the last book seems to have murdered my muse :-(

Morrissey is Satan 2009.07.17 - 06:07PM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
Your story is wonderful! I truly hope you'll update it soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, lovely reviewer! If only I could!

June W 2009.01.11 - 08:22PM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
ps - you could even write a DH-compliant scene in which Olivia is hiding in the Shriekng Shack, impatiently waiting for the trio to leave so she can give Severus healing potions and take him away!

Author's Response: But his love of Lily is undeniable in the story

June W 2009.01.11 - 08:19PM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
DH-epilogue leaves LOTS of things unanswered. Snape's body was not stated to be found and buried, the trio have a record of being wrong about things (as if three teens without medical training know whether Snape is really dead), and Snape may have just been telling Harry a story about Lily in order to gain Harry's trust. and anything in JKR interviews is NOT canon, as she has contradicted herself before; she is also inconsistent in the books, as her editors have been very careless. so let your Muse run free!

Author's Response: I wish I could, but the whole Lily thing left me cold and depressed :-(

June W 2008.10.24 - 12:36AM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
(offers a box of explosives....) anything I can do to help clear away the writer's block? (looks hopeful)

Author's Response: How about a temporary amnesia around the time I read the last book?

mizza 2008.10.16 - 03:14PM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
please please continur writing!! I want to know what happens next!! im desperate to know more! this is an amazing amazing amazing story, hence me actually writing a review-please, im desperate to read more!!!!

Author's Response: Oh, dear! I'd love to! I'm so stuck!

June W 2008.07.25 - 05:01AM 13: Chapter 13 - O.W.L.s and Revelations Signed
(looks for new chapter....) hmm, perhaps a certain author could use some inspiration? (holds up sharp nasty knife and points author's attention to a bullseye on Segrassi's back... a book of hexes to use with idjits named Alyson or Pettigrew... a charmed device like Molly Weasley's clock, to show Olivia where Snapester is...) I hope all is well with you!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. And thanks for the implicite concern. Here's the thing: I read the last book of the series and the mere idea of a Lily fixation was so jarring that it swept away all charm for Snape. I have to now try to imagine a different character altogether and try to continue the story, but it's hard for me to go against canon :-(

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